5 Amazing Features of Aluminium Sliding and Casement Windows


The latest window designs with top-quality performance can improve the beauty of your home and offer stellar functional benefits. For instance, aluminium products undergo anodisation, meaning the windows do not necessarily absorb heat. So, you will have warm indoors during winters and cool indoors in the summers, including a significant reduction in the monthly energy bills.

Aluminium casement and sliding windows are both fantastic options for any home. These windows carry distinctive features, and we will be discussing the leading five in this blog.

Outstanding Energy Efficiency

With the help of rubber gaskets and EPDM gaskets in frame joints, these windows provide complete sealing against noise, water, and air. It is crucial to note that such features are only available with providers like TOSTEM. Nevertheless, nearly all aluminium windows are anodised, meaning the windows do not corrode or absorb unnecessary heat. As a result, it helps reduce energy usage.

Long-Term Durability

The impressive strength-weight ratio of aluminium doors and windows lends robust sturdiness. The latest window designs made of aluminium are not only stylish but also highly durable and long-lasting. For instance, aluminium possesses inherent strength, which supplemented with the coating processes such as anodisation and TEXGUARD helps further make the windows more sturdy. As a result, designs like aluminium sliding and casement windows don’t sustain damage from rusting or require regular maintenance. In fact, the TEXGUARD enables the windows to retain their colour and gloss for upto 40 years.

Superior Ventilation Outlet

Casements, when opened, use 100% of the window space, making them ideal for bringing fresh air into the rooms. The sashes also contribute to the ventilation by catching the maximum incoming breeze. The high-quality aluminium material withstands rigorous use, allowing consistent ventilation performance throughout the years.

Aluminium sliding windows are suitable for ventilating spaces with limited indoor and outdoor opening capacity. The vent lock feature allows you to lock the window at several opening points for added security— sliding windows provide ventilation control and also ensure safety. Aluminium sliding windows come in a variety of styles for employing extra ventilation systems. For instance, companies like TOSTEM INDIA provide sliding windows such as stacking windows, bi-fold windows, vertical folding windows, and more. As per the aluminium sliding window prices and design requirements, you can choose the best variant for your home.


Cost plays an important role when it comes to shopping for windows. In comparison to their counterparts, aluminium windows are significantly more cost-effective. For instance, the windows require minimal maintenance, last longer, and are energy efficient. In the long run, if you consider casement or aluminium sliding window prices, you get stellar benefits and enjoy superior efficiency.

Enhanced Security

As aluminium windows are sturdy and robust, the security is optimum. The windows provide complete sealing against water, air, and dust intrusion. In addition, companies like TOSTEM INDIA test the windows with Japanese standards and sport crescent locking mechanism. So, you can choose any window design without compromising the security of your house.


We hope this article helps in understanding better the features of aluminium sliding and casement windows and why they are worth considering for your home or commercial spaces. Choosing the right aluminium doors and windows can instantly increase the aesthetic values of your home and offer stellar functional benefits. Aluminium window prices can vary depending on the frame, colour, finishes, glass panes, and other fenestration necessities. But regardless, investing in aluminium windows is a wise decision as they pay for themselves in the long run.

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