5 Reasons To Get A Room Schedule Display For Your Office

room schedule display

You’re busy at the office, and you need a way to coordinate everyone’s schedule so that you have time to work on your project, meet with your boss, and go to your kid’s parent-teacher conference at the same time. A room schedule display will help make sure you can do all of these things in one day. Here are five reasons why room schedule displays are a smart purchase for every modern office!

1) Conference Room Signage Makes It Easier To Book rooms:

What does it take to book a conference room? You need the time, date, and location. With KiwiSign’s room schedule displays, you’ll know what time is available with just one glance. Our elegant, durable signs are perfect for any space – inside or outside of the building. Plus they’re easy to install and remove so you can use them in other rooms when needed! Have more than one meeting at the same time? We’ve got you covered. Our room schedule displays will show which conference rooms are available at any given moment so there are no scheduling conflicts.

2) The Conference Room Sign System Doesn’t Take Up Space:

The conference room sign system doesn’t take up space. It can be mounted on the wall or in a corner, and since it is digital, there are no wires or outlets. Plus, using a conference room sign system allows you to place signs in high-traffic areas so employees know which rooms are available without having to disturb others. This includes placing signs outside of conference rooms so that guests know the status of the rooms before they enter.

3) Better For The Environment:

When you use less paper and ink, you save money on those items. And when you buy less plastic and wood products, it reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. Plus, using less ink and paper will also help reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing these things.
Durable displays last longer than traditional chalkboards and can be wiped down with just water so you don’t have to spend as much time cleaning up after each meeting.

4) No Costly Maintenance Is Required:

KiwiSign’s Room Schedules are cost-effective and durable. They won’t break the bank, and they will stay up all year long. No need to worry about maintenance or keeping track of paper schedules, our Room Schedules are always available at the touch of a button.

5) So Much More Information Than Just Free!

Do you ever feel like there are not enough hours in the day? Do you struggle with juggling meetings and other tasks during the work day? If so, investing in an easy-to-use conference room sign might be the solution.
Free! Conference Room Display is a mobile electronic signage device that displays the availability of meeting space for booking on any screen. Meeting coordinators can see which rooms are available, when they will be available, and how long they will be booked. Free! makes it easier than ever before to book conference rooms without sacrificing time or productivity. Plus, because it’s portable, this product is perfect for companies with multiple offices or employees who travel frequently.

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