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Shakes for energy and nutrition are everywhere and are all the rage…but what do you think if I said that adding diatomaceous Earth into your daily routine could take your health and wellness to a new level at less than the price? An old-fashioned product will take care of your most feared enemies (such as the pesky bugs), makes you healthier, and provides you with a more robust immune system.

Diatomaceous earth is the remnants of algae that has been fossilized. Yes, really. Diatomaceous earth is composed of silica, magnesium, sodium, and iron. While this may not sound appealing, FOOD GRADE (not the POOL-grade) diatomaceous Earth is suitable to consume. The diatomaceous Earth that is mined is generally about 1000 to 2,000 years old (gleaned from sea and lake beds all over the Western United States); this means it is available shelf time! Dr jay feldman

You could find yourself thinking, at this point…SO…what is that got to do with anything with me or mine? One of the advantages of diatomaceous Earth is its unique ability in the capacity to “de-worm.” It’s typically used to remove parasites and worms from animals and pets. But the thing that’s not widely known is that it performs the same for human beings, too! Aren’t they great for multi-purpose products? 

Here are some of DE’s other attributes:

  • Resistance to heat
  • Absorbs liquid
  • A natural insecticide (spray this all over your home to keep the bugs away!)
  • Eliminates the unpleasant smell of garbage (sweet!)
  • Mild abrasive
  • Agent for blood clotting
  • Aid in water filtration
  • It fights parasites (including mealworms, fleas, ticks, bed bugs and cockroaches. snails, and worms)
  • Easily digestible
  • The grain is free of parasites but does not kill grains (read about …)

There are, however, certain disadvantages that need to be considered. Diatomaceous earth is an agent that causes drying and could cause eye irritation when it comes into contact. It can also cause irritation to the skin after prolonged intervals of contact. Be cautious to not spread it around the garden too much or deeply since it may cause the death of beneficial garden creatures such as ladybugs, bees, earthworms, and bees.

You’re probably thinking about how something that could be used to kill insects is also suitable for humans to consume. So long as you purchase the graded FOOD diatomaceous earth, it’s entirely safe for humans, as it helps take in endotoxins and help regulate digestive processes. But it’s not innocuous to things like bacteria that cause harm, such as e-coli and viruses, ethyl mercury, drug residues, and parasites! When you buy diatomaceous Earth, be sure it’s not just food-grade but pure white, as you can get (the darker it is, the more clay it has). Simply take the recommended dose of just 1 tablespoon per day to enjoy all the benefits previously mentioned. As you know, this is safe for pregnant women, too. Dr jay feldman

Dr jay feldman: Let’s now look at the storage of your grains. Did you realize that wheat (and other grains) is best consumed in the midst of breathing and living organisms? It is the only way to ensure that “live” grains can sprout, which boosts their nutritional value by ten times. Even if you don’t grow it when you open the container using the grain in its original form, it can be more nutritious when alive. To ensure its capacity to thrive after storage, the grains, including wheat, must be allowed to breathe. What happens when you insert an oxygen absorber inside the grain bucket before closing the lid? All the oxygen is sucked out by sucking the life and breath from your grain. This renders it dead and unfit to sprout, thus reducing its nutritional value of it as well.

Dr jay feldman: Another problem with grain storage is the number of weevil eggs discovered in grain storage. A study conducted by ACRES, USA, determined that untreated grain stored for only 12 months had 16994 insects! However, the grain treated with diatomaceous Earth only contained 15 insects. In addition, it requires a tablespoon of diatomaceous Earth in 5 pounds of grain to stop the spread of insects. This means you will have fewer bugs and many health advantages in one drop! And not only that, adding diatomaceous Earth to the stored grains can give 15 trace minerals to the grain. Now THAT’S a benefit!

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