A Solo Traveller’s Guide To Melbourne

A Solo Traveller's Guide To Melbourne

Even for experienced solo travelers, arriving in a new place may be thrilling and a little intimidating at the same time. However, as instinct and experience take hold, you realize that every new location carries with it a distinct culture and a different outlook. Melbourne, known for its hipster atmosphere and popular love of coffee, is a perfect destination for lone travelers who want to learn more about art, music, and culture.

Choose a place to stay

You need a place to put that bulky backpack down first. Melbourne has a large selection of backpacker-friendly hostels, whether they are in the city’s central business district (United Backpackers, Urban Central) or a little farther out (Habitat, Base St Kilda).

On the other hand, The Nunnery in Fitzroy is a distinctive and lovely choice if you’re searching for somewhere a little different. It offers a more laid-back and private hostel experience, perfect for a lone traveler, with its historic-looking wooden décor, welcoming staff, and position within a short distance from Brunswick Street.

If you have some free time and want some companionship, drop into one of the hottest Melbourne brothels and enjoy an unforgettable evening.

Schedule A Tour

Going on at least one tour is essential for anyone traveling alone because it’s enjoyable and a fantastic chance to meet individuals who share your interests and are probably also staying in Melbourne. It will be worthwhile to see Phillip Island’s penguins, hike through Grampians National Park, see the Twelve Apostles from The Great Ocean Road, or sip some locally produced wine in the Yarra Valley.

All of these and many more possibilities are available through Last Minute Day Tours in the Melbourne area, but there are countless more tour operators who provide the same services, so start looking! Take a tour bus, or brave the highways with your new buddies and get your own camper van from Wicked Campers. They’re simple to rent and have a lot of cool features.

Have A Coffee

Any newcomer to Melbourne must visit the neighborhood coffee shops because coffee is a must for everyone here. In Melbourne’s bustling CBD, Degraves Street is arguably one of the most well-known coffee-serving streets.

This tiny Parisian-style street, which is tucked away down a small alley and is only a short stroll from Flinders Station, is well-known for its innumerable cafés and some of the best coffee in Melbourne.

Other cafes, a bit further away, are Auction Rooms and Journeyman (previously Dukes), two of Melbourne’s other top-tier coffee rivals. It might be a good idea to try out some of these with your new pals or perhaps by yourself while reading a nice book.

Consume delicious food

You might want to give Kinfolk a try if you’re looking for a more communal dining option. Kinfolk is a volunteer-run restaurant that only uses sustainable and local ingredients. A portion of its proceeds is donated to the charity it supports.

Put on your apron, and start serving! It’s a terrific way to socialize with locals, enjoy some delicious regional cuisine, and meet new people. If that doesn’t appeal to you, consider The Workers Club for food and live music or Naughty Boy Café for an amazing selection of milkshakes; just be careful not to leave in a sugar coma.

Take A Break With Some Street Music

Although there is never a shortage of things to do in Melbourne, sometimes the most basic pleasures in life are the most rewarding. For instance, going to the historic General Post Office on the corner of Bourke Street and Elizabeth Street (the heritage-listed building now houses H&M; no, not for some retail therapy) to sit on the steps outside and enjoy the many street musicians’ performances.

First of all, due to the fact that every performer is incredibly good and the venue has excellent acoustics, but also because there is something oddly tranquil about it. Spend some time listening to some amazing live music, and you’ll feel a little bit calmer when you leave.


We hope you liked reading about our trip to Melbourne. Melbourne offers so many solo activities that you could easily fill five days with them. And even if this is your first time in Melbourne, traveling alone is safe. Despite the fact that Melbourne is a secure city, you should always take your usual precautions.


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