A Thailand pharmacy that sells ivermectin

A Thailand pharmacy that sells ivermectin

Recently, we reported on the increase in Ivermectin sales in Thailand and all over the world. This Nobel Prize-winning medication has been used in many countries including India and Japan to combat coronavirus epidemics.

Celebrities like Joe Rogan, as well as thousands of doctors, encourage the use of it as part of an effective protocol to fight the virus. People are increasingly looking for Ivermectin stores in Thailand.

Chiang Rai Times staff did some digging to discover the truth about Ivermectin in Thailand. They also found out if it was restricted.

Ivermectin online purchase

Ivermectin can be purchased in Thailand from First Med Inc. They offer fast shipping and delivery within 2-3 days. First Med Inc, an HK-based pharmaceutical supply company, has Ivermectin stocks in Thailand that are ready for distribution.

Their WHO Certified Iverheal branded Ivermectin (12mg), is priced at 1000 baht per 10 tablet strip, plus shipping.

Although we were able to find other pharmacies that could ship to Thailand, shipping times ranged from 2 to 4 weeks. The source of the medicine was also unverifiable. We don’t recommend these online shops.

Local Pharmacies – Buying

We were able to locate several pharmacies in the country that stock Ivermectin. Despite the fact that many pharmacies don’t stock Ivermectin, they are becoming more aware of its importance as more people demand it.

We found that all Thai pharmacies sold the same brand Vermectin (Iverheal 12 of Iverheal 6). You can buy 12 tablets of these pills, but each tablet contains only 6 mg. If you choose the Iverheal brand, you will only receive 72mg instead of 120mg. The cost of a box is usually between 1300-1800 Baht.


Si Pharmacy – Ivermectin is available at 1500 baht for 12 tablets.

Rungroj Pharmacy, 81 Phra Khanong Nuea near On Nut Big C, was out of stock when we spoke to them. However, they promised that they would have more stock in the coming weeks.

Chiang Mai

That Pharmacy is located just a few hundred metres south of the Department of Transport, Tambon Wat Ket at the Ping River stock 6mg Ivermectin.

Peera Pharmacy is located just outside the Thapae Gate moat. They stock Ivermectins but are currently out of stock. For more information about where to purchase Ivermectins from Chiang Mai, click here.

Koh Samui

Makro Lamai Pharmacy- This pharmacy is located inside Makro Lamai and stocks Ivermectin6mg. It also has large stock reserves in case of an emergency.

Future of Ivermectin Thailand

Although Ivermectin is not available in most Thai pharmacies, it is starting to be sold at more places across the country. As time passes, it is possible that more pharmacies will begin to stock it and that the price will drop accordingly.

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