Here Is All You Need To Know About A4 suspension files

A4 suspension files

A modern office is more like a center of information. It is basically a place where crucial information is recorded, analyzed, stored, and presented when it is needed. Today, when you look at the volume of paperwork, you can see that it is enormous. Therefore, maintaining the records has become a necessary part. There are different types of files, and the best ones are the A4 suspension files that make up a convenient filling system and are the most common-sized.

The suspension files in A4 format are accessible from the side and feature tabs for convenient reference. These are typically kept in a side file cabinet or a closet with a lateral filing system. If you are unsure what kind of suspension file you need, read on to know further.

Main Types of File

There are mainly 2 types of files, so let us discuss what these files actually are:

The Horizontal filing system includes mainly two types of files. One is flat files, and the other is Arch Lever Files. There is another filing system that is the vertical filing system. So let’s first know the types of files included in the Horizontal Filing System.

  • Flat Files – So, let’s start with the Flat files. These files are most commonly used in horizontal filing. Simply put, the flat files are basically the covers made of cardboard that are well fitted with metal hinges so that the fastening of the papers can be done together. The strip can be made of either aluminum or steel. A file is assigned to each customer. All the information about the subject is kept in the file in chronological order, which means data-wise.
  • Arch Lever Files – Now comes the Arch Lever Files. These files are also most commonly used in horizontal filing. The Arch lever files are basically covers made of very thick cardboard operated by a double spring. The paper is punched and inserted for filing a paper by first moving the lever upward and then pressing it downwards. The paper in the A4 suspension file lies flat, i.e., one upon the other. Due to the presence of the lever arch mechanism, taking out more than one paper is not required. The Arch lever files are mostly used in offices. The files are simple and available at a low price. Also, these types of files are convenient for filing letters, large numbers of invoices, delivery notes, etc.

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Advantages of the horizontal filing system:

  1. It is easy to operate.
  1. Simple Files
  1. Available at a low price.
  1. The number of files can be increased or decreased (depending on the paper volume).
  1. Enable easy reference as the papers are arranged in chronological order.
  1. Easy paper insertion.
  1. Papers can be easily taken out without disturbing the order of other papers.
  1. There is little risk of misplacing a file.

Disadvantages to Horizontal Filing:

  1. Not suitable where the paper volume is huge.
  1. It requires more space.

Vertical Filing System

This is another filing system method where the papers and documents are kept in a vertical position. This type of A4 suspension file is most commonly used in large-scale business firms. The detachable sides are provided with this type of filing system so that more drawers can be added afterward.

The cabinets present are fitted with locking devices to maintain the secrecy of the file. Cabinets made of steel are costlier than those made of wood. However, they are very durable and look great in the office.

The advantage of vertical filing:

  1. A cabinet with 4 drawers can accommodate more than 1000 folders.
  1. Large filing capacity.
  1. The economy of space.
  1. Safe and secure.

Final Words

Based on all the mentioned above factors, you must now have an overall better understanding of A4 suspension files.



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