Top 10 Agile Thought Leaders You Should Follow

agile leaders

Jeff Sutherland

In every top list of agile influencers, Jeff Sutherland’s name is a must. Jeff Sutherland is the founder of Scrum Inc and co-creator of Scrum. This is one of the major prominent authority of driving the force with multiple organizations for adopting scrum.

The author of the Agile Manifesto is one of the most identified and it is one of the top seventeen software professional companies. Jeff Sutherland is one of the renowned agile experts who speak for hyper-productivity in a variety of conferences. And they mainly focus on the software development program in 30 days.

Ken Schwaber

Ken Schwaber is another co-founder of the scrum and it was never far from the top list of agile leaders. Founder of scrum alliances and he is the head of In software development, they have over 40 years of experience who deserve to be in the place of the list. Ken development is a very popular agile community of project management apart from the original scrum development.

There are few Kanban damaging shares of the market with recent critical events of the scrum. The Scrum Master Program has criticism that recognizes the scrum alliance which is still popular. This method specifies the resurrection of the company start-ups and faster delivery of products with key features. They implement the agile iteration with software development increments with too many agile influencers.

Geoff Watts

He is one of the most wide-range of achievements and Geoff Watts knows entire agile thoughts, well-known leaders. He will communicate with TEDx speakers with the opinions and views of a larger audience.

They specify the performance of expert professionals and Geoff Watts with its leadership. He knows to understand and supporting the people of agile development with scrum methodologies.

The main reason for Agile popularity is flexibility. And Geoff’s have the keynote sessions with changing and dealing with the prominent changes of additions with expert leader thought collaborations. They have the author of the book known as Scrum and Product Mastery they also have the project management expertise to validate the agile. The author has worked with organizations such as KPMG, Nokia, Motorola, etc.

Henrik Kniberg

He is one of the most famous and popular agile leaders and thoughts to focus on training as well as coaching. He is one of the most famous translators who translate the Agile Manifesto into the language of foreign. And he is a coach of agile and lean. He is the author for Kanban, XP, Scrum that credits Henrik. The books of Henrik exceeds more than 500,00 because of his popularity and number of visible books. He is the coach for many mentors and agile LEGO-like Spotify.

Scott Ambler

He is Chief Scientist of Disciplined Agile and Vice President of PMI. And contributed to the field of enormous agile thoughts. In the market place, the knowledge agile body is the comprehensive sole toolkit. He is the creator of agile modeling and agile data methods that advocates the entire process with a comparison of Scrum.

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Mike Cohn

And author of agile software development of user stories that are applied. The opinions are very expressive for agile thoughts.

He started his company in 1995 with scrum and worked with different organizations that focus on agile they have hands-on experience. They apply their projects in real-time business objectives. He is the expert of leaders with agile management projects.

Martin Fowler

He mainly focuses on refactoring the renowned agile experts with base exceeding 40,000 Twitter followers and he has the author and speaker for software development. For agile techniques and skills, the website has software professional development. He is the leader of the top list in influential agile thoughts.


In Europe, he is one of the best influencers of agile which is most likely to be JurgenAppelo. He has one of the most contributed agile books known as “Management 3.0” with limited attention.

Alistair Cockburn

He is very commendable and a member of the Agile Manifesto. He is involved in Agile interdependence and an important part of Alistair. It involves the contributions of agile management with a set of methods. ICAgile was also established.

Lyssa Adkins

He is the best leader that could be never missed any list that is Lyssa Adkins in agile. Lyssa Adkins is one of the best coaches for coaches. They have Coaching Agile Teams for the scrum trainer that have manifested the training. One of the books which are in the top best agile book after the year of its publications. This shows that he is one of the best couch for professionals. She is one of the best expert profession in agile coaching. It focuses mainly on the performance of senior-level leadership coaching teams.

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Rise in the adoption of agile thoughts and leaders that are expanding the project management. It has the leader and course for project management with the agile community of influential members of development. It has constantly evolving requirements of organizations. All the methods of the list in agile is not only for reliable individuals. The applications of guided insights of agile have processes and principles. The training of Agile is guided to expand knowledge and skills.


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