All You Need to Know Before Using Whey Protein

Whey Protein

As more and more people are becoming concerned about maintaining their health, more companies of Dietary Health supplements are being opened online and offline in the market. 

It’s your duty as a customer to know what you are putting inside your body. A number of websites on the internet and health-related websites are filled with the marketing content of Whey protein. But do you know what exactly it is about?

There are a number of people who think that Raw whey supplements in India are just made of simple amino acids but they don’t know they also contain several other important nutrients and molecules that consistently help your body to repair after doing intense workouts. In this blog, we will discuss the things that you must know about Shark’s Whey protein supplement. Basically, if you could intake all the crucial protein requirements in the requisite quantities from natural resources, you can build strong muscle mass. But this is close to impossible as you will have to eat a lot of fruits, non-veg items, and veg items to enhance the muscle mass that may have a lot of fat content as well.

You can order the best protein from top supplement company in India Everyone who is associated with fitness or bodybuilding industry. They always talk about proteins and they all have different opinions. There are some questions I constantly hear from people!

What is a Whey protein?

Why do I need to take them to build muscles?

Is it okay to take dietary supplements?

Do Whey proteins have a bad effect on the kidney?

These kinds of questions are completely normal as I hear them almost on the majority of health websites. Everyone has mixed opinions about health supplements like Whey protein.

In my opinion, I would not call Whey protein as the supplement since protein occurs naturally in food sources and in pure form it does not contains any preservatives or any other ingredients

Today, we will clear all your doubts you have about Whey protein!

These days, having a fit body and muscular physique has become a trend among youngsters. When it comes to gaining muscle mass, nothing beats Whey protein. More and more people are starting to involve in the trend. There is an increasing number of companies that are being introduced in the marketplace. Now the question arises, what really is Whey protein? It is really essential to consume protein if someone wants to gain bigger muscles? Or there are other options available in the form of food that I can consume protein? Being a customer, it is your basic right to understand the things you are putting in your body. 

What is Whey Protein and What Are its Sources?

  • Whey protein is called a staple supplement, primarily used by fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders, and athletes to support muscle recovery, growth of muscles, and for stimulating general health. 
  • Basically, Whey is derived from natural animal milk. It is the best supplement to take to gain muscle mass prior to and after intense workouts.
  • Animal milk can be categorized into 2 parts. Whey protein (amounts to 20% of the protein found in milk) and the other one is Casein (consists of 80% of the protein found in milk).
  • Whey protein is known to be called a complete protein source since it incorporates all the essential Amino acids that are required by the body. The Whey is not naturally synthesized in the body therefore it is very important to supplement the body through the diet. 
  • The main difference between Whey and Casein is that; Whey is water-soluble whereas Casein is non-soluble in water.

How Whey Protein is Made?

The protein comes into the category of milk proteins that are segregated from Whey, which is a by-product of milk after it is curdled during the cheese-manufacturing process. There are many people who think that Whey is made from just regular amino acids. But in actual it contains a number of other essential elements as well that helps body repair after an intense workout. For instance, around 500 ml of whey protein carry around 7% bovine serum albumin, 62% beta-lactoglobulin, 23% alpha-lactalbumin and smaller quantities of other fats, lactose, which are very important to be supplied to the body to provide sufficient amount of fuel to the body so muscles can repair and grow gradually.

What Are The Natural Sources of Food in Which it is Present?

Another natural source of protein where it can be found in food:

  1. Milk
  2. Yogurt
  3. Ricotta cheese

On supplements box, the Whey protein concentrate is labeled as WPC. You can check the percentage of protein on the label, if it is not more than 90% than the label WPC label will be there.

Benefits of Whey protein include –helps in losing weight, assist in managing diabetes, boosts immunity, and works as an appetite suppressant.

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