Bathroom Blinds. What Are The Best Solutions?

bathroom window

Window blinds are designed and made accordingly for the places they are intended for. A blind that is going well in your bedroom may doesn’t do the same in the bathroom. The reason is quite obvious, the materials and fabrics are the points there.

Here we are subjected to bathroom blinds. We cover why there are blinds with specific materials or fabrics are specific for the bathroom. The environment is the reason, it is not the same as in your bedroom. So, different window blind solutions are quite logical there with Fit Out Companies in Dubai.

In the bathroom, there is a high level of humidity and moisture so avoid any materials or fabrics that can’t stand still under these conditions. In the bathroom, there is more need for durability than in your bedroom. There is more need for quality colors on window blinds because they can fade away quickly if there are bad ones.

Here are some of our top recommendations for bathroom blinds.

Faux Wood Blinds

These are waterproof so maybe not the best but surely one of the best window blinds solutions for your bathroom. Faux wood is a synthetic material, made in the sense that it can mimic real wood.

There is no way faux wood can somehow have an edge over real wood. There is no way faux wood can match the class and elegance of real wood.

As I said, faux wood is made to mimic real wood. Hence, faux wood blinds are made to mimic real wood blinds. From design to overall functionality, all are quite the same in both of these window blinds.

So, why faux wood blinds. The reason is quite obvious. It is the material. As I said faux wood is a synthetic material, often made with PVC and vinyl. Both these are waterproof, hence very durable in conditions like in the bathroom.

Also, privacy is also a highlighting feature of faux wood blinds. You probably know how good are wood blinds in terms of privacy management, they didn’t need any blackout technology either. So, faux wood blinds are also quite impressive in privacy management because they are made to mimic wood blinds.

Also, the class and elegance of faux wood blinds, they are not classy and mature as wood blinds but you will hardly find any good alternative to wood blinds as compared to faux wood blinds.

As for the price, logically faux wood blinds are way cheaper than wood blinds. Natural materials are always more costly no matter how good are synthetic materials, which they aren’t.

PVC Vertical Blinds

Now, what can I say about these beauties, they need no such introduction. So, here I go in case you are not aware of these beauties. These are the blinds that have vertical slats standardly.

In window blinds, horizontal slats are the standard design, they are a bit different. Their change in the position of their slats leads them to provide different outcomes as compared to horizontally positioned blinds.

You will hardly find any good alternative to them if there are tall and wide windows in your bathroom. There are impressively sleek with tall and wide windows.

Their design is not only different there but there is also a classy functionality. They can also be moved left or right completely to the edge of the window allowing you to have a full view of the outside.

They have the same materials as faux wood blinds. But there is a catch, they are not as thick as faux wood blinds and hence not that mature in managing privacy and blocking the sun’s glare. But still, they are handsomely good in these high concerned areas.

As for their price, like faux wood blinds, they are also on the list of cheapest window blinds options in the local markets and also on the internet.

PVC Roller Blinds

Who didn’t know roller blinds, they are the most popular ones. People do confuse them with roman blinds, they seem similar to them but they aren’t. Roller blinds are simple, simple as they have a single panel of fabric and a rod from where it is operated.

Only one thing is similar in both of them, it is the mechanism but not how it works. Let me explain. Both have up and down mechanisms but in roman blinds, the fabric is rolled up around the rod in its hardware.

In roman blinds, the fabric either stacks up or can fold up, and when down both of these laydown and flatten. From my point of roller blinds have a much more sleek and classy look. Roman blinds look bulk up when they are open.

As roller blinds are very sleek, they make your bathroom quite modern and elegant with their simplicity. Opt for cordless roller blinds in your children’s bathroom, especially. Not just if you pick roller blinds, but whatever you choose do go for cordless window blinds.

As for the price, roller blinds are the same as vertical and faux wood blinds in terms of cost.


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