Benefits of Modern Technology in Agriculture

Modern Technology in Agriculture for Developing India

What is Agriculture Modern Technology?

Modern Technology is playing an essential role in developing agriculture in India. Modern Technology in agriculture is the constant up-gradation in digital farming tools, farming technologies, and others. The agriculture industry is achieving massive benefits from advanced modern technologies that are emerging.

At the time of the Green Revolution in the 1960s, India produced agriculture commodities using modern agriculture technologies, i.e., the superior quality of seeds, chemical fertilizers, proper irrigation, and pesticides.

Modern Technology refers to the innovative technologies used to get higher productivity at farms in an uncomplicated sense. These technologies change time to time to achieve higher and better productivity.

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Modern Technology for Improving Agriculture

 Here we come with modern technologies that will help you out in improving agriculture in India. This technology surely assists you to enhance your farm productivity. In this tech-savvy world, farmers should grow their skills and use advanced technology to become smart farmers. Modern technologies reduce your extra efforts and increase performance on the field.

Following, we are showing some modern technologies for improving agriculture. Let’s check out below.

Track and Irrigation via Smartphone

smartphone agriculture

 In this new era, smartphones are the main innovation among all modern technologies. Mobile phones these days come with huge superb features used in various ways. Smartphones used for tracking and managing crop irrigation in agriculture.

Without visiting fields now, farmers can monitor and control irrigation systems. Track and irrigation systems make the farmer’s life easy and comfortable. This technology invented for effective and efficient work on the farms. Farmers can comfortably maintain their crops from sitting home.

Crop Sensors

Crop sensors help farmers in many ways. With the use of crop sensor technology, farmers can make their crops more fertile and save many hours. Crop sensors notify how much fertilizer the crop needed?, Perfect time of irrigation, else they inform the amount of light required by the crop. It is the most useful and productive modern farm technology. They further sense that your crop needs more fertilizer, or you should reduce the use of fertilizers to make the crop healthy.

Agricultural Drones

dron in agriculture

Agricultural Drones are superbly innovative modern technological tools. Farmers can save money, human resources, time, wastage, etc. it comes with an easy to use manual. Agriculture drones can make your work effective and efficient. Drones are a cost-effective farm modern technology that helps in reducing farmer’s worry. From agriculture drones, farmers can track crop growth and grant the necessary steps for enhancing the yield.

Many innovations are taking place in this modern time, and this is the best technology from which farmers can always feel connected with their crops or farms. It is a profitable deal for farmers from agriculture drones. They can increase their farm productivity.

Farm Mechanisation

Indian farmers can increase their farm yield by appropriately utilizing resources and can increase their farm productivity by timely working on the field. Farm mechanization is a cost-effective process. In this era, farm mechanization plays a vital role. Nowadays, almost all agriculture activities are mechanized. Technologically advanced farming machines, used by all the Indian farmers.

Artificial Intelligence

modern tech

Artificial Intelligence is the key to development in agriculture. , The agriculture industry in India is today utilizing satellite imagery and other data collecting systems to know about actual crop productivity and yielding capacity. The government of India starts this approach for the betterment of the farmers. From these modern technologies, farmers get updated regarding crops and other happenings. Artificial Intelligence is the best initiation by the government for the farmers to increase farm productivity.

Animal Tracking

Now, farmers can track their animals by various modern technologies. This technology is the most beneficial for poultry farmers in India. They manage or control their livestock by monitoring them. Farmers can always keep an eye on their animals by sitting from home. It is an advantageous and time-saving way to relieve the stress of animals lost or stolen. Animal tracking is an efficient way, and it is the best innovation to date.

Mobile Applications

 Many mobile applications launched in India for the betterment of the farmers. From those applications, farmers can update about each tiny detail regarding agriculture. You can get from that application information regarding crop fertility, how to enhance production, new and advanced tractors, other machines, etc. these applications assists farmers about the weather and how they can maintain their farms. If farmers in India use these applications and get updated regarding all the farming, agriculture can develop rapidly.

Vertical Framing

Vertical farming is advanced and the latest technology in India. It is modern farming used in various countries and some places in India. Vertical farming is the high tech modern farming technique used by farmers, and it is the future of agriculture. With the increase in the population, the problem of shortage of land arises. Along with this, the demand for food also arises. All these problems have only one solution, and that is vertical farming. Vertical farming is done on a minimum piece of land with minimum water.

We all know that in this modern time farming sector is developing continuously. Innovative and advanced technology machines and tools are introduced in the markets by famous brands. Almost every day, they work hard to provide advanced machines for agriculture to enhance the productivity of the farms.

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