A List Of The Best Adventure Apps For iOS & Android

A List Of The Best Adventure Apps For iOS & Android

Smartphone apps have craved out every possible niche there is in the market today. From food to travel, entertainment to health, there is an app for almost everything you need in your daily life. In the streamline, adventure apps have also managed to gain popularity and are one of the best apps for adventure seekers.

To relax their busy schedule, people often tend to move out on weekends to an adventure trip for gaining a memorable yet unforgettable experience. To make their experience enduring, outdoor adventure apps play a significant role. Well, if you are one of those who like to explore different things related to adventure sport, you have come to the right place. In this post, we will be talking about some of the best outdoor apps in 2020 to make your experience worth remembering.


If you are eyeing an app for hiking without crowds, you must give AllTrials worth a try. The app features thousands of trails from all around the globe and offers things like route description, difficulty information, and maps. AllTrials gives users the privilege of reviewing trails. The app is free to download on both iOS and Android platforms but also includes a paid version that gives you the benefit of tracking your GPS location.

Sky Map

If you are a couple and love to marvel at the night sky, then Sky Map is one app that is tailor-made for you. Sky Map helps you in discovering the starry skies, irrespective of the location you are situated currently. This free app helps you in discovering constellations, nebulae, and much more courtesy of its interactive interface.


Many refer to HipCamp as the Airbnb of camping as it allows you to find and book camping on private lands. The land booked by this app is owned and managed by individual landowners, which means you can find camp on vineyards, farms, ranches, and other areas as well. To download the app, visit hipcamp.com for both iOS and Android platforms.


Roverpass is among the best adventure travel apps available for download. It is basically an online booking site with numerous listings of RV parks and campgrounds. You can browse campsite activities across the country. Roverpass offers an online reservation process for campgrounds or RV parks, giving family-owned sites a way to find customers and for campers to find them.


With Yonder, you can elevate your adventure thrill. Yonder allows you to search and browse a database of over 20,000 destinations and can explore the list of approximately 25 activities. With Yonder, you can also browse a news feed, which makes the app even more interesting and amusing.

Map My Hike

One of the most widely used and top adventure apps, Map My Hike, satisfies the needs of almost every hiking lover. The app also keeps a check on your health by providing walking, hiking, calorie counter, running, and tracking workouts.

The app also records GPS based activities to view the detailed statistics and connect with over 400 wearables in order to import and analyze data. Besides, with the help of the Gear Tracker feature, you can even start tracking mileage.


ViewRanger is a GPS trail navigation app offering both free and premium content. Its premium version includes extensive features like map data including USA and USGS topo maps, ‘Skyline’ augmented reality viewer that shows peaks, hills, and other points of interest when you use your camera view. The app offers over 1,80,000 trails and allows users to import GPX files, track routes, print maps, etc. The app is available for free download on both iOS and Android platforms.

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Komoot is best suited for Cyclists, Hikers, and Mountain bikers. With Komoot, you can plan routes that are tailor-made for you. The features provided by the app include,

  • Users can lay down routes
  • Can view surface conditions and their difficulties
  • Provides accurate navigations even at the time of curving outdoor trails
  • Includes offline maps
  • Free users can download one detailed mao region for free

Komoot is available for free download on both iOS and Android platforms.


Those who like to maintain a journal for their trip should give Ramblr worth a try. Ramblr allows its users to record everything from their route like average speed, distance traveled, and also the highest point. Apart from all this, Ramblr also offers users to record geotagged audio, video, text, or images to create a blow-by-blow account, and even share your trips or check out where the other Ramblr users have gone. Ramblr is also available for free download across iOS and Android platforms.

Time to wrap up: So here are the top adventure apps and outdoor adventure apps you should be considering if you are planning for hiking or any other adventure sport. In case we have missed the name of your favorite adventure app, feel free to mention it in the comment section.



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