Best Phone Tracking App for Kids

Phone Tracking App

Cellphone technologies over the years have made people dependent and today everyone is using mobile devices for personal and professional purposes. Therefore, plenty of people out there wants to track phones and tablet devices no time ever before. Generally, there are two certain communities those who want to do surveillance on cellphone devices likewise parents and business professionals.

Parents are looking forward to monitoring children’s activities on social media, installed browser, and on cellular networks. However, employers want to track employee’s activities on companies that provided digital phones in working hours. Therefore, you need to use the best mobile phone tracking app to get the job done no matter what if you are parents or employers.

What is Phone Tracking Software?

The best application that empowers you to monitor kid’s mobile devices and you can also use it to unveil employee’s activities in working hours. It is packed with plenty of powerful and advanced tools to track children online and to keep a hidden eye on employee’s activities. This software has a user –friendly interface that enables you to navigate on the target device activities and upload the entire information to the web portal. Moreover, you can get its license online and then install it on the target device.


The particular application is fully compatible with the digital phone s and tablets running with the Android operating system. Moreover, it works secretly on the target device and remains invisible even on the latest OS version 10 and on the above devices.

How to Install TheOneSpy Phone Tracking App?

The very first step that you need to take is to get your hands on the best cellphone monitoring software official webpage. In addition to that, visit the official webpage and then subscribe to it and get the credentials in terms of password and ID. Furthermore, get your hands on the cellphone and get started with the installation process. Once you have completed the setup then use the credentials and activate the web portal. Now get access to the powerful features to fulfill the aims you are looking forward at the moment.

Use TOS phone surveillance software Features

Screen recording

You can use this particular tool to record short back to back videos of the target device screen using a live screen recorder app and further send the recording to the web control panel.

IM’s logs

Users can get the logs of installed instant messaging apps on the target cellphone device. Users can get the logs of text chats, messages, audio chats, videos chat, shared photos, videos, and voice messages.

Email tracking

You can get access to the target cellphone device sent/received emails using an email monitoring app.

Web filtering

You can remotely block all the inappropriate websites browsed on employees and children’s devices.

Remote monitoring

You can get access to the target device and installed applications, block incoming calls, block text messages, and last but not the least block access on the internet.


TheOneSpy phone tracking is the best tool for both parents and employers to track teen’s and employee’s activities respectively. 


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