BlueStacks Emulator: A Complete Guide on How to Use It

Bluestacks emulator

Do you know what BlueStacks is? This is a complete guide so I will cover everything in this article. So basically, Bluestacks is an android emulator, now you will be asking what an emulator is. I will answer this later first let me ask you a question, have you thought about running an android application on your mobile phone. I am sure you have thought at least once. So, an emulator allows you to run any mobile application on your pc.

Emulators were made to make your mobile gaming experience to another level by providing you with advanced control like keyboard and mouse support, key mapping, unlimited runtime without worrying about the battery. But you can use an emulator to run other Android applications too.

You can run any type of application very easy just you have to install BlueStacks emulator on your computer and after installing you will have to log in with an email id. Setting up a BlueStacks emulator is like setting up a new mobile or tablet. After login in with an email, ID goes to the play store and search for the application you want to run on your computer. Click on the install button to get it installed on your computer then you can run it on your PC after it gets installed.

Features of BlueStacks Emulator

Now you know what you can do with BlueStacks emulator and now you should know why is it necessary to have BlueStacks installed on your PC. BlueStacks provides you with a lot of features, we will know each one on them in details in this article.

Game control: You will get advanced control which will help you a lot to enhance your gameplay. In that case, you will have full control over your keyboard, mouse, and gamepad, so you can play with 10 figures instead of 2 or 4. You will get PC like gaming experience; you can even change the preset controls and customize it as per your comfort. Also, you can create new controls that are not there and you can use all the keys on your keyboard to have more control over your game.

Shooting mode: I am a gamer too and I know how difficult it is to take a perfect headshot every time on a small screen. But if you play on the big screen of your PC you can hit a perfect headshot every time. You can activate the game mode with just one stroke of your keyboard. By just pressing F1 you can switch to gaming mode.

MOBA Mode: if you are a MOBA player then you will get extra few extra features with MOBA Mode, you will have a customized character movement, skill cast mode where you will get the option of the manual, quick cast and auto-cast mode. It also has a macros option which records and replays your action, you can perform an attack combination and record it to use it again with just I single stroke.

Multi-Instance: with the help of multi-instance you can play multiple games at once. Or you can play the same game on 2 different windows simultaneously without waiting for any friend to join into adventure or action.

What You Can do With BlueStacks Emulator?

Many amazing apps are available for mobile devices but that is not available for PC like some video app. So, if you want to work on those applications on your PC you will have to install BlueStacks otherwise you won’t be able to use that app on your PC. Many times, you get so practiced with some mobile applications that you can’t use any other software or application in place that this is where BlueStacks saves you by letting you use the same mobile application on your desktop.

How to Download and Install BlueStacks on PC?

I have already told you the process briefly but now I will tell you to step by step process to install BlueStacks on your PC. To download BlueStacks on your PC visit BlueStacks official website, from there you can download BlueStacks for free. After downloading go to your download location and install it by click on the install now button. It will take some time to check and get installed. It may take some more time when you install it for 1st time it will depend on your PC’s performance.

Login with a Gmail ID and make sure you have an internet connection on your PC otherwise you won’t be able to login with your Gmail ID. After you log in with Gmail ID it a dashboard will open it will look something like a tablet. Head over to the play store and download the application which you want to run on your PC. If you already have an APK file of any application then you can install it too. After installing the application, you can start using it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much RAM Required for Running BlueStacks Emulator Smoothly?

You can run BlueStackson a 2GB RAM computer also but you will face crash, lag and it will be very slow. To run BlueStacks emulator smoothly you need to have at least 4GB RAM on your computer if you have more than that then that’s even better.

How to Speed Up BlueStacks?

To speed up the performance of BlueStacks make sure you run only 1 application, if you run more than one application at a time then it will give the load to your PC and it will make BlueStacks slow. So, when you are running BlueStacks make sure to close all other running applications.

What is the System Requirement for BlueStacks?

You need to have at least 4 GB RAM and 10GB of free storage to run BlueStacks without any problem.

What are the Pros and Cons of Bluestacks?

  • Pros of BlueStacks: Custom key mapping, Impressive performance, Ability to run multiple games, Sleek interface, and Completely Free.
  • Cons of BlueStacks: Occasional performance hiccups and crash


BlueStacks is a very powerful software which you will know if you read this whole article. BlueStacks allows you to run multiple applications simultaneously without worrying about the battery. It gives an amazing gaming experience and also helps a lot to play games. BlueStacks is updated regularly to provide amazing features to its users so download the latest version to stay updated with their features. BlueStacks has good support so if you face any kind of problem you can contact their support system and they will be happy to solve your problems. You can read blogs on their official website, from there you will able to get knowledge about new things. I hope this article provides you with all the knowledge you need about BlueStacks.

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