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If you are a novelist or even a novelist with some other kinds of writing in mind, you’ll find it useful to have a writing and organizing software. LivingWriter could be an excellent choice for your long writing projects. LivingWriter is an award-winning software especially designed for writers. This book writing software has been specifically designed to help those writers who have little or no experience in project management. The tools, features, and designs are so simple that any inexperienced writer can learn them very quickly.

Many fiction writers may have enough experience to use professional book writing software like Scrivener but the problem with such software is their complicated interface which requires a long time to become accustomed to. That’s where this software can come in handy.

The interface is clean and doesn’t require any learning curve. According to their website, the software was designed to solve problems that every writer faces. Undoubtedly, it seems that they have successfully melded all the important features of writing apps in a sleek interface.

I personally have used it and compared it with several similar software and I must say that I’m impressed with their efforts. Moreover, I am so confident that I will place it on top of Scrivener.

Another feature that sets LivingWriter ahead of other competitors is that it’s a cloud-based software. Being a cloud-based software, you can access your writing from anywhere and share it with your collaborators very easily. Again this feature is missing in several similar apps.

Unfortunately, LivingWriter is not a tool if you are looking for screenwriting. However, this is not a surprise to me as one size does not fit all. It is better to be the best at something than being partly good for several things.

It targets one specific group of writers-book writers.

However, bloggers can easily use this tool to organize their works in a place. School and college goers can also use this tool for their project writing.

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Some of the Best Features That I Liked

  • Create chapters, subchapters, and story elements easily.
  • Organize your story flow with drag and drop features.
  • Customize your story elements with pictures and detailed descriptions.
  • Auto suggestions recognize your story element and suggest to them during writing.
  • Easily edit your elements from the right sidebar.
  • Collapse right sidebar for distraction free writing experience.
  • Import story from your old word document.
  • Ability to organize stories while importing.
  • Preloaded with 5 writing templates to boost your writing.
  • Real-time collaboration with co-authors or editors.
  • Autosave and version history to manage your backups.
  • Export to several amazon ebook formats.

For book writers, Grammarly is an important grammar checking tool. You can use this easy to use program that will help you improve your writing skills, as well as help you write the best novels possible. However, most of the book writing software lacks the ability to integrate seamlessly with such grammar checking software. LivingWriter is different. You can not only integrate Grammarly but also several other similar software like ProWritingAid.


Book writing, whether it be a novel or nonfiction, is a difficult task. There are several software’s in the market to ease your writing pain. But I like this software most. Don’t hesitate to try it for free.

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