Why is It the Best Choice to Build an App Like Etsy?

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The modern industry has compelled almost anyone to have an online marketplace because of the benefits it faces. Though there is an immense amount of rivalry between every single business in every single industry, there are some giants that couldn’t be replaced. They are apps like Etsy.

Etsy is an online marketplace that sells antique articles and handmade crafts. At its best, Etsy has already gained the number one spot beating out all the competitors, leading the competition. Millions of people around the world buy handcrafted shoes, antiques, and many more vintage products from this app.

So you see? There is a lot of demand here, and the supplies meet these demands. This way every business is a hit. Interested in starting a business? Then, the Etsy Clone is the best option for you.

But before going to the development of Etsy Clone, let’s start with knowing about what an online marketplace is, and what the Etsy app does.

Online marketplace

Etsy clone devolepment

An online marketplace is a place where several companies sell their products or services to the users. Examples of these online marketplaces are eBay, Amazon, etc. The truth of the business is that many retailers across the world would sell their products to the user using the app for shopping, making it a marketplace.

When hundreds of thousands of retailers sell the products online to the customers who access the website, that is what makes the demand for the online shops.

The point where all the sellers meet is the check-out mechanism. Here, the users don’t have to buy the products from the sales website though they are getting multiple products.

Once the buyers get their things on the website, the traders will get notified about the product that is purchased.

After that, each seller can deliver the products to the customer individually. This means that, even though the customer has had an online purchase with several vendors, the product would be shipped separately. Therefore, there would be different supplies with different shipment boxes.

The best part is that people won’t have to pay different charges for different products.

An online marketplace can also be termed as a “shared economy” or “collaborative economy” since it lets a large number of merchants sell their products online as a commonplace.

Online marketplaces are becoming the mainstream for reasons like:

  1. People are not afraid of fake merchants now
  2. The online marketplace had become the best place for many retailers to sell their best products online

Now that we have seen about the online marketplace, let’s get into our subject, Etsy.

What can we do with Etsy?

Etsy App

As we already know, Etsy is famous for selling handmade, antique articles. But unlike normal retailers, Etsy doesn’t offer any inexpensive products or low-quality goods.

Etsy is used mainly to encourage the talented skills of people. The consumers in Etsy might be talented in knitting, weaving, etc. People may also create new furniture or some decorations from their home or specialist studios etc.

The people, who buy products from here, buy them for their hearts.

A brief history of Etsy

Etsy was founded by Rob Kalin, Chris Maguire, and Haim Schoopik in 2005, in Brooklyn, New York. When it was launched, it allowed craftsmen and traditional businesses to sell their products. Etsy had 1.93 million active dealers in 2017 and there were 33.36 million active purchasers who sold goods.

Here’s a timeline of the success story of Etsy:

2005-2007: The authors were working on expanding a new platform for vendors. Etsy touched the millionth sale in 2007.

2009: The revenue of Etsy became 10-13 million dollars a month.

2012: Etsy earned 40 million dollars in Series F investment

2018: More than 60 million active users and more than 3.9 million sellers were active.

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Features list on Etsy

selling on etsy

Etsy is somewhat distinct in features. Etsy lists only the type of items like antique, handmade, and artistic. The vintage goods should be at least 20 years of age. Sellers can offer reviews to the brand that they would like for the consumers to see, by creating their own website. 67% of the customers in Etsy are women, which proves to us that it is well established among women.

There are three different sets of features for admin, seller or vendor, and buyers.


  • Profile
  • Shopping cart
  • Listings
  • Search
  • Payments
  • Chat system
  • Reviews


  • Chat system
  • Stock Management
  • View purchases and shopping details
  • Specific store URL
  • Order management
  • Analytics and Report


  • Dashboard
  • Commission setup
  • Analytics and Report
  • Customer management
  • Stock management
  • Invoice management
  • Category management
  • Tax management

Now let’s get into the development part of the Etsy Clone app.

Development of Etsy Clone

There are two different development methods.

Development from the ground:  The development of the Etsy Clone app from the ground can be a complex process as it involves a lot of planning and research. You must have a team of members working with you. The team should consist of experts like UI/UX Designers, Project Managers, Backend and Frontend developers, QA Engineers, etc. You must be clear in the plan, to execute it clearly, with the team.

Using a white-label solution: Using an open Etsy Clone script, you could easily launch the app. The scripts are an alternative to the development of the app from the ground. This process is much easier, as you don’t have to have a team. The scripts would be available with basic features just like in the Etsy app. You can add special features to the app. These features are used to make the app stand out from the rest. The scripts can be availed from the developers. They are highly customizable and readily integrable.


There should be a way or the other that you might have found helpful. In case you are sure about creating this, then without further ado, jump into the smart way to develop your Open source Etsy clone script. Hoping to see you as an entrepreneur!!!



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