How to Build a Beautiful Private Garden?

Beautiful Private Garden

Do you want to have a private garden of your own? Do you want to know how to decorate a beautiful private garden? Today we will give you the corresponding suggestions from several aspects. Whether you build it yourself or ask a professional garden decoration company to build it, these suggestions will give you help and reference.

In simple terms, the design of a private garden mainly considers three aspects: the division of regions, the creation of landscape effects, the guarantee of safety and privacy, and so on.

How to divide the area?

Generally divided into functional areas and landscape areas.

Functional Area. Generally, it mainly considers daily leisure, outdoor dining, equipment area, children’s play area, vegetable field, etc. The leisure area should be an area that should be considered regardless of the size of the garden. After all, the garden is not only used for “distant viewing”, but also a place where people can relax.

Outdoor dining area

If your garden has a large enough area, you can consider an outdoor restaurant or bar to cook some simple ingredients. Convenient for gatherings to store ingredients and cook food. If the area of the garden is not too large, at least there must be an area sufficient for outdoor dining tables and outdoor barbecue grills. The ground can be hardened or laid with anti-corrosion wood flooring, after all, the grass is still not level enough. Waterproof and sunscreen materials can be considered.

Equipment area

It refers to the place where you place your indoor central air-conditioning, floor heating, etc. outside machines. You can build a simple scaffold to cover it, which can protect the equipment to a certain extent and also hide the ugliness.

Children’s play area

This area is not an amusement park. Of course, if your garden is large enough, it can be turned into an amusement park. For most private gardens, it is enough to consider a place where children’s amusement facilities can be placed, and even a simple sandpit can give children great fun.

Vegetable plot

It can be called the “kitchen garden”. Many people have misunderstandings about vegetable plots, thinking that vegetable plots must be ugly and rustic, but they are not. Through careful planning and design, the vegetable plot can be very beautiful and practical.

Water landscape

If your garden is large enough, you can add some water views. Build a pond, plant water lilies, or create a small bridge with flowing water. Enjoy an immersive natural landscape. Install Suntech LED outdoor lights ( to match the water landscape, and you can enjoy a beautiful night at night.

The creation of landscape effects

In addition to the hard landscape, it is actually easier to create an effect through the matching of plants and some simple soft decorations, as well as the layout of lighting. Moreover, private gardens should pay more attention to the guarantee of safety and privacy. When creating a leisure garden, the choice of plants should be few and fine. According to the growth habits of the plants, it is best to combine trees, shrubs, and surface vegetation, so that the garden has four seasons to enjoy the scenery.

In addition to the daytime landscape effect, the nighttime landscape effect should also be considered. For example, you can add LED floodlights to focus on trees; install LED linear lights to decorate the path; install wall washer lights ( to increase the brightness of the plant wall. At night, you can also enjoy your beautiful garden. Commonly used lights used to decorate outdoor gardens include LED point pixel light, LED wall washer lights, LED linear lights, underground lights, and LED floodlights. When choosing, please pay attention to choosing a product with a waterproof level suitable for outdoor use.

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Privacy and security

(1) In order to ensure the privacy of the garden, a wooden fence can be used to enclose the garden, and at the same time some vine plants, such as climbing rose, rose, creeper, windmill jasmine, honeysuckle, etc. can be planted. This will not only further enhance privacy, but also greatly enhance the landscape effect. In the corner of the wall, you can also plant some low shrubs, such as privet and spiraea.

(2) Some taller evergreen plants can be planted in rows to form a green barrier. There are many kinds of evergreen plants throughout the year. You can choose a green fence that suits your regional climate, and the height and size of the plants should also be Choose according to the size and style of your own private garden.

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