Top 5 Online Stores to Buy iPhone in Bulk in USA

buy iPhone in bulk

Apple and its production of the latest versions of the iPhone have left us all astonished. This has not only increased the demand for Apple Company, but it has also created hype over the mobile phone market. Every other person wants to have an iPhone just because of its high security, smart functions and innovative easy handling system. While we praise iPhone’s credibility, at the same time it remains a question of how people can obtain it at affordable rates from the market and original prices. Well, this is a task remarkably handled by iPhone wholesale suppliers. Purchasing an iPhone from its website or original store would cost a lot to many. A common joke comes across, “People would sell their kidneys for iPhone”. Of course, we would not want you to do this. Therefore, we recommend stores that sell iPhones at affordable prices.

Why do they sell at affordable prices as compared to the Apple market? Because they buy iPhone in bulk, which costs the stores and retailers also less. Henceforth, in a result, they give it at affordable prices to the customers.

Why do customers prefer 2nd hand iPhones?

Mainly, the answer to this is the cost. New iPhones are expensive, and everyone cannot afford them. Even though the new edition might be expensive, there is no solely found reason to purchase them. Because only a slight distinction is visible between the models, which would be a more enhanced camera lens, model, and size of the phone. The specs remain the same. 

How can we identify the store?

This is a serious question that buyers have when they opt for second-hand phones. Every seller is honest at a job or not, remains a question. Well under these considerations we can pick on a store whether it is reliable or not:

  1. Prefer market or shop which is already located in the mobile zone area.
  2. Search for the stores.
  3. Ask for recommendations from friends and family.
  4. If you have known a common store, discuss it with others so you get to know if others have the experience.
  5. Lastly, visit the store and ask about their latest and recent sales – if nothing else at least, it would let you know how recent the store has sold something. 
  6. Purchase and enjoy the iPhone.

Suggestions are not enough and for this case, we have a list of five stores where we can get iPhone any model easily and affordable at the same time. 

2nd Life Phones

2nd Life Phones is the best and recommended store in USA. They are affordable iPhone wholesale suppliers who get iPhones in the exact condition and sell it to their clients. They have a great variety and stock to choose from. Since they buy iPhone in bulk, so you get a lot of variety to choose from. The best factor about 2nd Life Phone is that they are consistent in inventory and updating their stock, reliable and trusted for what customers purchase from them and if the customers are not satisfied they can return within 90 days. 

We Sell Cellular 

We Sell Cellular is the best and most reliable store. Its partners are suppliers from the industry who are known and they ensure that customers get what they want at affordable prices. As wholesale and retail customers have specific demands and inventory needs to be fulfilled, they have a huge collection which includes new devices and the latest technologies for instance: iPhone X which is reliable and available at less price from the market. They are fully transparent about their testing and grading procedures.


EBay is the most common store heard among everyone. Since they work worldwide. They cover all accessories of mobile phones and Sim cards. The quality and pricing of eBay can be trusted because they work globally and customer feedback on the website defines it all. 


Swappa gives the best deals on every phone model and its accessories. They have iPhones every model at affordable prices which are cheaper than other stores, they are used, and renovated iPhones. For more satisfaction regarding purchasing any product, it is recommended to visit the website and view feedback from other customers.

Phone Daddy

Phone Daddy is a huge store that has an amazing collection coming from all accessories of phones including Google phones, tablets, Sim cards, iPhone, and its various models. They offer customers a 5% discount on their purchase from an online store.

Why 2nd Life Phones?

2nd Life phones are recommended because they are USA’s top iPhone wholesale suppliers that do their job with honesty. Secondly, they buy iPhone in bulk which gives customers a lot of variety to choose from. These reasons are mentioned earlier also. They are reliable and have an easy refund and return policy. They are recommended because of their loyalty towards customers and the company itself. 

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