Buyers Guide to Insulation Anchors

insulation anchors

Whichever type of home or property you are working on, it’s essential to figure out how you are going to keep the insides warm throughout the year. While these homes can vary according to diverse reasons like the specifications, climate, location, size, and more, every home or property needs to meet specific levels of thermal performance to make these places habitable and comfortable. In such situations, the importance of insulation anchors is higher than ever.

There are different types of insulation anchors available nowadays. Concrete insulation anchors, metal insulation anchors, and thermal insulation fixings are the most popular among them. With abundant choices available in the markets, it is essential to choose the one that fits right to your requirements. The right type of insulation anchors can help you save heaps of money in terms of electrical bills. It can also reduce the heat loss that these properties might face./ Most of the insulation anchors are available in loose rolls, bags, and slabs, which are perfect for insulating floors, loft spaces, and walls.

Different Types of Insulation Anchors

Metal insulation anchors are the easiest kind of insulation anchors when it comes to working with them. These are all metal anchors that can be installed quickly and easily. These types of insulation anchors come with tapered shanks that aid installation. Metal insulation anchors also have holes in their heads that provide the key for rendering. Metal insulation anchors are best suited for fire resistance as they are fully galvanized. However, these insulation anchors require at least 50mm embedment, and hence it is necessary to add 50mm to the thickness of the insulation.

●     Insulation slabs

Insulation anchors come in wide varieties and one of the easier kinds is the insulation slab. These are comparatively easier to install as well as have fire-resisting properties. Insulation slabs are suitable for timber as well as metal tabs. Nowadays there are insulation tabs available in the markets that are also effective for soundproofing. No need to bother about sound from outside disturbing your peace of mind and concentration anymore with insulation anchors used perfectly.

  • Loft rolls

If you are planning to insulate your lofts, the most effective choice will be the loft rolls. Variants like glass wool, sheep wool, and mineral wool are there to choose from while opting for the loft rolls. These can provide the necessary thermal insulation to your home or office by trapping air on the roof spaces. These act as an air conditioner as well by providing warmth in winters and cold in the summers. Also, you can get rid of problems that can be caused due to condensation.

  • Multifoil insulation

Multifoil insulation is one of the most recent types of insulation materials. These are primarily made by a combination of materials like sheets, foils, and other insulation materials. These are very thin and thus it makes them easy to be carried, transported or installed. Apart from the lightweight dress, the multifoil insulation stands out from other insulation anchors like the metal and concrete screws due to their radiation, convection, and conduction properties.

While the traditional insulation anchors only focus on conduction and convection, the multifoil insulators also concentrate on controlling radiation. These also last up to 50 years which makes it worth the investment.

  • Full fill insulation

Cavity walls have been in use since the 1920s. Majorly used for the wall constructions in Great Britain, these are now being used worldwide. The full fill insulation consists of two leaves that are separated by the cavity, which helps to prevent heat loss as well as resists moisture penetration. These insulation anchors are mostly used for filling cavity walls and one of the crucial qualities these should possess is water resistance.

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  • Fire-resistant insulation

Non-combustible insulation is the popular one when it comes to fire-resistant insulation. These should be able to create a barrier that prevents the fire from entering the walls. Checking whether they have proper fire rankings is quintessential to finding the best fire-resistant insulators. Additional accessories like downlights and pipe collars are available for purchase that can help you achieve a safe fire rating.


Doing proper research and study before selecting any insulation anchors is necessary as these cannot be undone in a blink of an eye and also can cause a lot of time, energy, and money wastage.

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