How to Ensure Buying the Right Kitchen Cabinet at An Unbeatable Price

KItchen Cabinet

As you start planning to remodel the existing kitchen, you’re very likely to choose the best one. You surely won’t want to compromise with the quality. But oftentimes, good items need a good chunk of money to be paid. If you’re on a budget, it might not be possible for you to afford that cost. And thus wholesale kitchen cabinet would be the right option for you. Such cabinets are best in quality and durability. They can last up to 20 years with minimal maintenance. All you need to make a wise choice.

How to Save on Kitchen Cabinets With No Compromise on Quality

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  • Get the right cabinet against your hard-earned dollar – Even the most affordable wholesale cabinet with nominal features sometimes becomes hard to afford. So look for wholesale cabinets. Also, be skeptical about the size of the cabinet. Always go for the standard size (from 24” to 30”) to save on your pocket. Customization needs more work and thus it’s expensive. Drawers and pull-out shelves may cost you an arm and a leg. So limit them as much as possible. Remember that costly cabinets don’t always worth the cost. So there’s no use to buy pricey cabinetry if you can manage with one that’s available for less. However, bargain cabinets often have thinner shelving and frames. They can sag under pressure. If you’ve heavy appliances or tools to install, choose thick panels made of hard plywood.
  • Inexpensive cabinets are bliss – Hardwood cabinets may cost you somewhere between $300 and $350 every linear foot. On the other hand, a wholesale kitchen cabinet is available at even as low as $30 per linear foot only. They’re hardy and efficient. They contain a plywood frame with a single door made from particleboard. But be careful about the thickness of the panels. You must choose a product with a 3/4 inch thickness.
  • Don’t look for too cheap cabinets – Of course, you have the right to be frugal about cabinet purchase. But don’t be too much frugal than what you need to be. Wholesale cabinets are often priced by the unit. Wider cabinets cost less per linear foot. And you may want to go for it. It’s tempting to fill your kitchen with cabinets. Nevertheless, don’t forget that you have to pay for each empty unit. It would be wise to thin out the kitchen stuff that you don’t need rather than making more space to store them.
  • RTA cabinets can be a good option – By opting for an RTA (Ready to assemble) cabinet, you can save significantly. You might not get many options with RTA cabinets, but you can save on shipping charges. If you’re tempted about such cabinets, you can save money. But you must have the proper materials and equipment. Otherwise, it’ll cost you even more. Things that you’ll need to assemble the stuff are wood glue, gloves, and protective eyewear, bar clamps, drill, screwdriver, 16 to 18 gauge nails, and wood shims.

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As it comes to buying a kitchen cabinet without compromising on the quality, wholesale RTA kitchen cabinets would be the best bet for you.



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