11 Simple Strategies for Winning the Positions Other Candidates Want


Nowadays a lot of competition exists in the job market. Sometimes candidates that are ideal for the job do not take interest in the job. As a result, a lot of struggle is faced by recruiters.

We can also say that it is like you are on a speedboat and are competing to catch a fish with a fishing stick having bait on it. There is a possibility that the fish caught by you may not be the best one.

It is recommended that you should reduce the time to hire and good quality candidates should be hired by you. This is the best way to fill the positions of your company.

11 Recommended Simple Strategies 

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Career Page Fundamentals Need to be Focussed 

Career opportunities and other information about the company must be given to the candidate. Like if an employer has won an award then this should be known to the candidate. Apart from this the internal diversity statistics and core values of the company should also be known to him.

Use Podcast for Recording Employee Testimonials 

The careers page should have made the use of Turbonomic. Normally the careers page contains the testimonials of the employee. But if a podcast episode of 10-20 minutes is used for recording the testimonials of employees then it will be very good. A written testimonial may not contain every information. The emotion and voice of the candidate can be easily understood via a podcast. They can get deep knowledge about your personality or background.

FAQs Should be Provided to the Candidates

Normally the candidates ask similar questions from the company. For answering the questions of the candidates, a FAQ section should be provided. For different companies, different application processes exist. The time of the candidates and the recruiters are saved if their questions are answered in such away.


Use Chatbots for Starting Your Conversation

In order to interact or engage with the candidates, the company can take the help of a chatbot created by Intel. When a visitor visits the web page of your company’s website then a chatbot appears for communicating with him. In the process of hiring the candidates, several questions asked by the candidates are answered by the chatbots.

Use Instagram for Featuring the Employees

The core values of the company can be shared on the Instagram Story feature of Instagram. Information about team outings, employee highlights, culture, and personality of the employee can be easily given here.

Use Social Channels for Recruiting Candidates

Targeting job candidates can be done by taking the help of social media accounts. Information about all open roles, employee spotlights, recruiting events, and company culture are given in the content posted on these social channels.

The Spotlight Should be Given to the Employees

Knowledge about the team can be easily given to a candidate if a spotlight is given to him. By doing this the testimonials of the employees can pick up the pace. Passion projects, hobbies, and personal interests of the candidate can be easily covered here.

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A Medium Should be Used for Posting

For commenting, liking, and sharing we use Facebook. This medium can also be used for putting recruiting content. So, maximum information can be provided to the candidate by using this medium.

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The Right Information Should be Provided

Information about the local scene and the city should also be provided to the candidates along with other details of the company. It is so because if they are from distant areas and want to relocate then this information can help them a lot.

Job Alerts Should Always be Provided

Information about the availability of experienced and interested candidates can be given to the company if they provide job alerts regularly. If there are any warm leads then this information can be easily given to the company.

The Candidates Must be Allowed to Apply Anytime

The candidates should be given the facility to apply anytime after giving the details of their background or skill. They are required to give their career of interest, email, and phone number.

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