How To Clean Old Slate Floors?

clean slate floors

Are you worried about the maintenance and cleaning of slate tiles and floor? If yes then don’t need to worry about slate floors cleaning. this article will provide the complete guidelines about the cleaning of these natural stones and tiles even without using expensive slate cleaners.

No doubt, slate tiles have better and attractive texture as compared to other tiles, but these tiles also have absorbent properties and are sensitive to hard chemicals or cleaning products. No matter what’s type and size of slate tiles, these tiles always enhance the appearance and overall look of the house décor.

So, you need to ensure the right and effective cleaning patterns for these tiles to avoid damages and discoloration.

Why Is It Important To Maintain Slate Floors?

Slate tiles and floors are one of the most popular types of stones. These tiles are durable, attractive, and shinier to enhance the overall look and appearance of the living area. On the other hand, the shine of these natural stones and tiles is long-lasting but if you are taking care of it appropriately.

That’s why it requires more time and effort for cleaning and maintenance as compared to other tiles and floors. On the other hand, these tiles are placed in less foot traffic areas such as the living room to save these tiles for a long-time frame. However, most people also install these floors and tiles in kitchen areas.

No doubt, these tiles require less cleaning and maintenance as compared to other tiles. But you can’t neglect the cleaning factor of these natural stones and tiles as well. Because dust and dirt deposit on these tiles will damage the natural shine and beauty of these tiles. For this, appropriate slate cleaning with mild slate cleaners is necessary to restore the shine.

However, it doesn’t mean that you need to buy expensive cleaning products for these tiles and stones. You can do the cleaning of these floors with the help of natural ingredients as well. Moreover, these natural cleaning solutions will help to clean the floor easily as well as extract simply.

As we know, natural stones and slate floors have resistant against water and stains. However, the protection layer of these tiles may damage the heavy exposure of dirt and dust. So, these tiles should be handled with great care.

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clean slate

DIY: Slate Floors Cleaning 

No doubt, slate tiles, and floors don’t require high maintenance and cleaning. However, it’s necessary to remove the dry dirt and dust on it efficiently. But don’t use the hard chemicals and bleaches to clean the slate tiles. Because these hard cleaning products will damage the natural shine and quality of the slate and natural stones. For this, never use the acidic and abrasive chemicals for cleaning the slate tiles.

Remove Dirt And Dust

Use a vacuum and sweep out the slate tiles regularly to remove the dry dirt and dust on it. Because you can’t mop the slate tiles without sweeping. Otherwise, dry dirt and dust will stick on the tiles due to water and it will be harder to clean. On the other hand, removal of dry dirt is essential to save the tiles from scratches while mopping.

For sweeping out the slate tiles, always use a soft bristle brush or vacuum cleaner with less pressure. Don’t forget to cover the grout lines and corners while sweeping the natural stones or tiles.

Use Natural Or High-Quality Slate Cleaners

Cleaners that are specifically designed for slate tiles can offer a great cleaning experience for these floors. But if you want to choose an affordable and efficient cleaning solution then natural ingredients such as baking soda and vinegar can be used.

On the other hand, you can also use the detergent or soap by mixing it with water to clean the slate tiles. It will offer great cleaning results without damaging the color and quality of natural stones or tiles.

Mop Out The Slate Tiles

After cleaning the floor with the solution or natural ingredient, now remove the excess cleaner and water on the slate tiles by mopping. For this, use a soft microfibre cloth and dip it into the water completely to clean the floor effortlessly.

Move out all the dust and residue on the slate floor with the help of mopping cloth. Apart from this cleaning method, you can also do the steam cleaning of natural stones and tiles to extract and remove all dirt, dust, and grime on it. It will be a good option to clean the floor efficiently and effectively to restore natural shine and sparkle.



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