5 Reasons to Consider Composite Decking for Your Home

composite decking

Having a great outdoor space is a luxury, which many cannot afford. You can consider paving and landscaping, but given the time to get the entire section to set up. As you are at the constant stress that someone will ruin the design or walk with muddy shoes on your spotless pavements. One alternative is opting for decking which not only provides extra space and is like an extension of your home, but it also makes the house look more appealing.

What is Composite Decking


What is Composite Decking?

Decking involves placing boards side by side and fitting them to resemble a floor. While this sounds easy, and comparatively is, the materials used make all the difference. The main competition occurs between timber and composite decking materials. There are other materials like aluminum, plastic, and cement decks, but it is the composite material that has gained the most popularity as an alternative to timber.

They make composite decking from recycled wood pulp mixed with sawdust and plastic, which are then made to longboards/planks. This way you get the flexibility of plastic along with the look of timber. With timber, you are in for a long haul of regular maintenance and care because improper use will cause the wood to splinter and crack. There is also the risk of getting poor quality timber in order to reduce costs. This will leave you at the risk of dealing with rotting planks, which is dangerous.

composite decking for my home


Reasons to opt for Composite Decking:

Given the science behind the materials used, composite decking also includes a cap and a core which makes them resistant to fading, eroding, and swelling for imbibition. This increases the lifespan of the decks and lets you put your hair down and enjoy. Here are 5 more reasons to consider this beauty for your own home:

Easy Maintenance:

Composite decks are easy to maintain, for they require almost zero care. Having a blend of plastic or polymer makes these decks resistant to warping, eroding, rotting, and all the other nightmares wood goes through when left to the natural element with no care. Composites do not require staining and sanding. If you accidentally spill liquid, you can wipe it.


With wood, you need to opt for maintenance every 3 years and after 10 years. Otherwise, you have to replace the decks. While many find this eco-friendly, in reality, most of these woods are discarded because they are beyond salvaging. Composite decking requires the least maintenance but they last for a long time and since they make them from recycled materials, they can be recycled again when you contact the company who has manufactured the boards.

A plethora of Designs:

With composite, you can opt for a variety of colors and designs to suit your need and to improve the aesthetics of your home. Molds and mildews will not impact your decks their home thanks to the coating that composite decking comes with.

Beauty with Performance:

Since composite is a mixture of recycled wood pulp with polymer, you can retain the original woody look. This option for choosing a flexible, lightweight, and beautiful board does not hinder on the performance of composites that are sturdy and durable.


The initial cost of composite decking might be high, but this is cost-effective in a long run. Because you are not required to opt for routine maintenance and replace the boards every decade.

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What you wish to choose for your home is completely up to you, but if you are looking for a long-lasting and eco-friendly option in decks, opting for composite decking will be on your mind. So, contact the experienced decking builders for your home.



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