How Can We Make Custom Vape Packaging More Attractive?


Whatever the genre of a business is, it seriously needs to think about the attraction of the target audience. You might have prepared a product in the vaping industry that you believe alone can pull the customers towards itself. Remember, the moment you think like that, you are no more in the competition. The vape packaging is an integral part of your product presentation that, if ignored, throws you out of the competition. It is pertinently essential to make it as attractive as possible so that it serves as an eye-catcher and jams the visitors’ eyes at your products.

Add a See-Through Touch:

When the customers come to your retail store, they are probably intrigued to know what product is packed inside a specific box or want to glance at the quality of the items inside. Please do not leave them curious and remove all their concerns by adding a see-through feature in your vape packaging. You can utilize the services like die-cut technology to cut a specific portion of the box for adding a clear or see-through window on the cut part. It is imperative to remember that the adhesives for attaching the transparent window should be used inside. This will help you prevent getting your box scratched or stained that can otherwise block the interior view. It is up to you how many windows you want to induce or whether you want them on the sides of the lid as well. This tactic will leave the customers enticed, building an urge to buy your vapes.

Simple looks demanding:

As the technology has become more accessible even for the low-budget businesses, they have started to take their designing game to the next level, not knowing that it can backfire. Yes, the jam-packed text, fussy fonts, and clashing graphics produce too much visual noise that seems unpleasant to the viewers’ eyes. As many brands are using this tactic to hide some crucial facts on the packaging, your brand reputation can get damaged even if you do not intend to mislead the clients. Build a reputable image and make your vape packages aesthetically pleasing by adopting a minimalist principle when designing them. The simple fonts that are not too congested and minimalistic hues that do not confuse the customers are good to go in this context. A more clean and straightforward design of the vape boxes appears to be prominent and leave a long-lasting impression on the minds of the target audience.

Impart newness through interactive styles:

The customers these days have become demanding when it comes to the style of the vape packages, and they are correct, as the style of these boxes is mostly the same in the vaping industry. Capitalize on the flexibility of the vape packaging and customize them in some interactive styles to pull maximum attention in the consumer market. For instance, you can customize them in a sleeve style to have two parallel layers that slide against each other, and the upper layers entirely enclose the lower one. To make them even more innovative, you can add custom inserts in the bottom part of the box. Another creative yet interactive style is the flip-top container. It is the same as the packaging of cigarettes and looks lovely since it is unusual and rare in the vaping industry.

Prefer odd over generic designs:

You may feel that an unusual or odd design will hamper the attractiveness of your vape packages. Nonetheless, it is not the scenario, and a distinctive design will make your box look unique from other competitors. Think about the design of your vape packages as your investment opportunity since it provides you a chance to make an impactful impression on your client base. No one wants to make a generic first impression because it is synonymous with the perceived product quality. Using a generic design, you tell the audience that the vapes packed inside are of poor quality. If you are concerned about making your product quality perceived as high-class, you need to restrain the use of generic designs and go for unusual but attractive strategies. A more professional format with relatable graphics can guarantee you of persuading people to keep coming back to your brand.

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The finishing touches are impressive:

The finishing of the vape packages carries a great value in mesmerizing the people with a fantastic display. Foil stamping is a great technique used to stamp a foil, usually in a silver or gold color outside of vape boxes. It can add a premium touch to them, thus, assuring the customers that the vapes packed inside are high-quality and luxurious. The lamination is also significant since it holds value for increasing the visual elegance of your box and imparting it a safety touch. No smudge lamination, for instance, is essential for keeping the effects of stains and scratches at bay and also produce a shine. Apart from that, you can think about the coating options such as gloss, matte, and spot UV; these finish options will improve the outlook and appearance of the box and provide a fantastic touch feeling.

These are some efficient tips for businesses to make the vape packaging attractive and eye-catching for the customers. Just add a see-through feature and design it with simplicity in mind. Moreover, do not use generic designs and finish this packaging appropriately with different options.


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