DesignEvo Review: Make a Cool And Easy Logo For Free

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Want to have a cool logo but can’t design it, let alone pay people but don’t have enough capital. DesignEvo can be an alternative for you to make logos easily and, of course, for free. It provides services to create logos simply and easily for those new to the world of design.

On the DesignEvo, there are many templates or basic designs of a logo, and there are 10000+ Templates provided for free to use. Not only are logo templates provided, but DesignEvo also includes 100+ fonts that are ready for us to use. The files you will download are also available in JPG, PNG, SVG, and PDF formats. The files provided after you create a logo at DesignEvo can be said to be quite complete because almost all the formats you need are there. The website is fully customizable so that you can freely modify or create logos online and for free.

It doesn’t take long for your logo; just minutes. If you start from a premade logo template, you want then drag & drop it to the canvas that has been provided. It doesn’t take long for your logo; just minutes. If you start from a premade logo template, you want then drag & drop it to the canvas that has been provided with Logo Maker. You can also create a logo immediately without having to bother with drawing or designing anymore. Many templates have been provided. The rest is that you only have to create and imagine when making the logo.

If you are interested in making a logo on DesignEvo, you can follow the steps below.

Tutorial on Creating a Logo at DesignEvo

Step 1: Access its homepage

Please visit the DesignEvo homepage, and create an account. Three kinds of registrations now support DesignEvo. Namely, you can sign up with your email address and passwords, also, you can connect platforms, such as Facebook and Google. TIP: Signing up via Facebook/Google+ is simpler and easier.

Step 2: Just start your design by choosing a template

After successfully creating an account at DesignEvo, create a logo by clicking Make a Free Logo. You will see a variety of logo templates that DesignEvo has provided; you can choose a template according to the category you want.

Step 3: Customize your logo at will according to your needs

Now you will be faced with the DesignEvo Workspace view. Just take an overview of the functions and uses of each tool are in the logo editing page. You can set Canvas size up to max 2000 x 2000.

TIP: Please be as creative as possible when you want to create a logo on DesignEvo, so you can produce a logo that is cool and as you wish. For example, you can add some icons that can give the viewers hints about what your brand is about and what you are selling. And according to your industry characteristics, you can reset the opposite colors.

Step 4: Download your logo for free

When finished creating the logo, now you can Download the Logo by clicking Download in the upper right corner. You can select the Download Package according to your wishes. Want to download for Free, Basic, or Plus.

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DesignEvo pricing


Download with the Free Package. You only get a logo with a max size of 300 × 300 in JPG and PNG formats. Free to edit at will, but the downloaded logo cannot use Transparent Background.


Like the Plus Package, you can make a logo with a transparent background and get help & support forever when you use the DesignEvo service. But, you are not with your created logo copyright.


In this package, you can get all the features, including the Logo File in Vector and the Font on the logo that you created.


You can make a cool logo, drag & drop it to the blank canvas because 10000+ templates are provided that are ready to use to create a logo. The designs of the templates that have been provided are also many choices, and they are good so that it makes you have many alternatives or other options for making the logo design you want.

What do you think about the tutorial and website? Hopefully, this is useful and can be useful for those looking for services to make free logos or want to make your brand logo.



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