Digital Marketing Tips For 2020

digital marketing tips

The marketing landscape has evolved a lot over the years where once it was just plain brand promotions with big hoardings and banners around the city and print ads in newspapers & magazines. Now the marketing has become hugely digital where most of the global brands rely on digital media only and have totally ruled out the traditional methods that we mentioned above. But now the digital marketing landscape is also evolving where it is becoming more interactive, realistic, consumer-centric, and relatable for the benefits of consumers. So, here we have mentioned the new-age definition of digital marketing and the best digital marketing tips for 2020.

What Does Digital Marketing Mean In 2020?

Digital marketing in 2020 is all about leveraging digital media and social media platforms to deliver valuable advertising information along with possibilities of user engagement, trust-building, and communication. The new-age digital marketing is more about developing a connection with the consumers to ensure long-term brand growth and create a positive brand image that leads to more conversions & revenue. It is different from digital marketing a few years ago where it was just about advertising and promotions that didn’t allow much communication and value to the users.

Best Digital Marketing Tips For 2020

Here are some of the best digital marketing tips that will help you create and execute a more powerful and result-driven marketing campaign.

Engagement Marketing

conversational marketing

Engagement marketing or also known as conversational marketing is the tactic whereas a brand you are more interested in and involved in communication with the users. In this digital age, it is essential for brands to be accessible to the users and have interactions with them like responding to their messages, liking their posts, commenting, or resharing their content. The one-to-one communication between the brand and users helps the brand to be more relevant and deliver customer satisfaction as it relates to consumer experiences.

Inclusion Of User-Generated Content

Now more than ever, there is a need for brands to build trust and showcase authenticity as spammy marketing in the last few years has led to brand distrust and uncertainty over brand credibility. This has been affecting the brand growth hugely so user-generated content is the best way to promote your brand as UGC is content shared by existing customers highlighting their real experiences with the brand. So the inclusion of such reliable, authentic, and trustworthy content will help in building brand trust & credibility. Along with that, it will also help in building brand advocacy and spread positive word of mouth about the brand on digital platforms. Using UGC in marketing is really an effective approach and using a social media aggregator tool like Taggbox for the same is the best possible way to do so!

Personalized & Humanized Approach

social media

Digital and social media platforms have bridged the gap between brand and consumers allowing the brand with possibilities to interact and engage with each customer or potential customers individually. Even the consumers also want more personalized and humanized experience and marketing from the brands. So, it is essential that your digital marketing campaigns are not aimed at mass audiences rather, it should be catering to the needs and personalities of each customer. This will help the consumers to feel more comfortable, privileged, and rewarded that will trigger brand loyalty and a positive brand image along with the achievement of your marketing goals effectively.

Leverage Video Content Effectively

Video content is the most trending and engaging form of content nowadays with social media platforms like Instagram & YouTube having a maximum user base and engagement. Access to mobile devices, fast internet connection, and engaging content elements have led to massive video content consumption so leveraging video in your digital marketing can ensure engagement. It is also known to drive conversion rates as well where almost 75% of the businesses stated that it has helped them increase their conversions. Besides, video is more expressive, creative, engaging, exciting, and informative than other content forms. You can leverage video content through live streaming, 360-degree product views, video guides, etc.

Integrate Shoppability In Content

You should not restrict your digital marketing with just promotions and user engagement rather you can go beyond that by selling your products through the content. You can integrate shoppable features to your marketing content to allow users to buy the product in real-time and improve conversion rates. Shoppable Instagram posts are a perfect example of such digital marketing and selling products simultaneously. What shoppable content does is that since you attract users to your marketing campaigns and engage them, shoppability helps in converting this engagement into sales by leveraging positive user intent.

Empower Content Marketing & SEO


Content marketing and SEO are the most important elements of your digital marketing strategy to build your brand and drive growth organically rather than investing in huge advertising amounts. Firstly, users are actively looking for content to satisfy their information, navigational, and commercial needs. So, you should constantly create valuable, authentic, reliable, and actionable content on your website and other digital platforms. Besides, content marketing will also help you empower your search engine optimization strategy leading to a better ranking in SERPs. This will bring more impressions and more organic traffic to your website. You should also make SEO efforts like improving your website to be more user-friendly, mobile responsive, etc.

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Digital media has changed a lot and it will continue to do so in the future as well. So, it is essential that you make efforts into your marketing that is aimed for the long-term. These digital marketing tips will not only help you ensure your digital marketing success for now but they will also help you a strong and stable brand for continuous growth. You can even leverage tools like the UGC platform, social media scheduling apps, email marketing apps, etc to help you create a more organized, effective, and managed digital marketing campaign.

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