The Ultimate Drone Guides for Beginners

Drone guide beginners

Thinking of getting a drone? You’re not the only one. Some estimates say that by the end of the year, hundreds of thousands of these aircraft will be sold worldwide, which has become a hit. In addition to being used for entertainment, drones can also be useful in a variety of jobs, such as agriculture or construction. More and more people are flying these little things in parks while numerous companies have found ways to include them in their operations.

Drone Safety Rules and Flight conditions

The rule that you should follow is that you should not fly near airports or heliports or national parks. Ideally, it would be a desolate place, where there are no objects that can block the drone since you have an obligation not to let it out of sight for a moment. Do not steer the drone in bad weather and strong wind. Most drones are very light, in case of bad weather, you will find it is very difficult to operate with them. During these situations, drone damage is most likely to occur.

Control and Basic Things About Drone Flight

Before starting the drone, it is essential to read the operating instructions. With most drones, you get a controller that can be different shapes and sizes. There are several buttons on the same, each with its own purpose. Therefore, it is important to familiarize yourself with the operating instructions, as improper handling can damage the drone. On all drones, basic commands are easy to learn, which is moving down and up and moving back and forth. There are additional commands you use when you want to activate the camera on the drone. It sounds simple, but it takes a while to learn how to operate a drone. Therefore, it is advised that drones be tested at lower altitudes first.

There is also a memory card slot on the drone where, depending on your needs, you can determine the capacity of the card to use for storing your images or photos. Attention should also be paid to the battery life of the drone. For mid-range drones, the battery lasts between 15-25 minutes, while charging can take more than an hour. Therefore, it is advised that you always carry spare batteries that are easy to replace.

How to Make a Beautiful Photo or Video with Your Drone?

With the help of a drone, you can take fantastic photos or record a video that will delight everyone. The drone can take shots from angles that weren’t available to you before. Combine this with the quality of cameras most drones now come with, and it’s no wonder why drone photography has become so popular. Increasingly, photography is being used by professional photographers to capture incredible landscape images. For this purpose, they are used when recording sports events, concerts, and other events. All this is also available to you, as soon as you master drone control you can also take snapshots and photos that will appeal to you on social networks.

Help From the Sky

In addition to being used for entertainment, drones are widely used in various sectors of the industry with a high upward trend. They are mostly used in the construction industry, where they monitor and control the safety of the construction site and the environment. With drones, they can view locations that are otherwise unavailable to them, thus increasing the safety of their workers. The rescue services are of great use to the drone and are used for search and rescue. With the help of a drone, the search time is reduced and better search of inaccessible terrain, which is vital in some critical situations. Drones are also very useful for agriculture. With the help of drones, the crops are examined and the places to be treated with pesticides are determined. This saves money and there is no unnecessary spraying of healthy crops. Thay can be also a perfect gift.

Best Drones for Beginners in 2020

Here you will find the top 3 drones in 2020 for beginners by our choice.

DJI Mavic Mini

This is one of the drones that is meant for everyone. Very small in size and weighing only 249 grams, it is considered a true small flying camera. It comes with a new camera that captures 2.7k video, which is about 40 higher resolution than HD but not quite likes 4k. The camera also captures photos using a 12MPx sensor and promises stability in a three-axis video recording. It has a range of 4 kilometers and a battery that can fly for up to 30 minutes. DJI Mavic drone does not have the technology to avoid objects and needs to be handled more carefully.

Hubsan H111

The Hubsan H111 Nano Q4 is the smallest drone in the world. This drone has 3 different sensitivity levels. It is suitable for various stunts and flying. The maximum range is 50 meters and the flight time is about 10 minutes. The Hubsan H111 is an ideal choice for beginners due to its excellent performance and flight stability.

Parrot Mambo FPV

Parrot Mambo FPV is a mid-range drone and very affordable. This drone has 3 flight modes: beginner, drift, and racing mode. Parrot Mambo has a maximum range of up to 100 meters and has a flight duration of 10 minutes with a speed of up to 30 kmh (18 mph). He comes with an FPV headset and controller. This new model’s bolt-on attachment, however, is an HD camera that can shoot 720p resolution video, and stream the footage to Parrot’s first-person view (FPV) headset, so you see what the drone sees as it flies.


As you could read in the article, drones are used for various purposes. Considering their wide scope of use and the pace of development in the near future, you can expect to see a large number of such aircraft in the sky.


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