Drupal 9 Updates You Should Know


In the past, migrating and updating to newer Drupal versions was a daunting task. Not with Drupal 9. Launched on 3rd June 2020, migrating to Drupal 9 is essential to unlock the complete functionality and retain the ability to get security updates within bi-yearly cycles.

However, upgrading from D7 or D8 to D9 is much easier and less dramatic. Let’s dig into more details and understand why migrating to Drupal 9 is a better choice.

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Why Should You Upgrade To Drupal 9?

The end of life is soon approaching for Drupal 7 and 8. Operating the website on the older version securely and with seamless functionality won’t be a feasible option anymore.

At the same time, it may also be confusing for Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 website owners to know that their site will require the upgrade, especially when their site is running smoothly; thereby, resulting in a complex situation.

Here’re 3 reasons why you need to consider updating your website to Drupal 9.

  • Soon the Drupal security team will withdraw the support or security advisories for older versions, wavering your site’s and its users’ cybersecurity.
  • Drupal 7 and 8 releases’ will be flagged on all project pages as ‘not supported.’ Drupal 7 and 8 may get flagged in 3rds party scans as insecure making it challenging to integrate with other third-party tools and systems.
  • Soon, the leading hosting services providers such as Pantheon and Acquia will also withdraw their support from D7, leaving you with the hosting responsibility for maintaining your application and server level configurations.

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What Does New Does Drupal 9 Offer?

There are numerous capabilities incorporated in Drupal 9 which will be regularly updated biannually to help enterprises stay updated.

Now once you migrate to D9, you won’t need to make significant changes the next time you plan on updating it to a newer version.

Here are some of the new capabilities that are incorporated in Drupal 9

It Is Backward Compatible

D9 is backward compatible. It is compatible with Drupal 8, predecessor. Unlike the case with Drupal 7 and 8, Drupal 9 will be able to use configurations, modules, and data created on D8 of the same software.

Additionally, preserving this functionality will not put a burden on Drupal 9 with historical baggage. Therefore, the system’s performance will remain unaffected. With this latest update, the Drupal community has also aimed at breaking code and not the data.

This way, Drupal will remain fast, organized, efficient, and yet updated with technology.

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Faster And Efficient Performance

Drupal 9 has taken a step further to support responsive images, where mobiles and tablets can display the best-optimized pictures and, therefore, consume fewer amounts of data.

Drupal 9.1 versions onwards will witness the innovation. Further updates will pave the way for the faster and efficient performance of the websites. Here are some of the updated features of Drupal 9 that you can leverage for efficient workflows-

  1. Content Workflow allows you to establish multiple workflows
  1. BigPipe increasing the page view performance and supporting much faster initial page loading
  1. Multilingual capabilities
  1. Structure Content- D9 comes in with an array of available fields, which encompasses phone, email, data, and time.

Cleaner Codebase

Drupal 9 has eliminated the support for deprecated codes in the previous version (D8). This implementation was introduced to ensure that the code marked as deprecated shall no longer be supported and used in the entire Drupal ecosystem.

The motive? Making Drupal 9 a cleaner version. Whenever the modules in D8 want to become compatible with D9, they first need to remove the deprecated code.

Hence, the end result is clear: making the code clean and enhancing your website’s performance.

Introducing Newer Major Versions of Symfony and Twig

After November 2021, Symfony 3 will get replaced with Symfony 4 or 5. Also, the Drupal community may introduce an upgrade to Twig 2.0. All these upgrades will offer an improved developer experience, enhanced performance, and better security.

Headless CMS

The Drupal community is extensively capitalizing on Headless CMS for enhancing users’ experience with the powerful front-end of the website with a Javascript framework like Angular or React.

The significant features of Drupal Headless CMS are:

  • Front-End Freedom
  • API-First Approach
  • Create Once, Publish Anywhere
  • Easier Resourcing

Drupal 9 is more usable, flexible, accessible, inclusive, and scalable than the older versions, with the following enhanced features:

  • It will be incredibly easier for marketers to use Drupal 9
  • Simpler than ever to maintain and upgrade for web developers
  • Drupal 9 is extensively experimenting with its headless or decoupled capabilities

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