Effect of COVID on Digital Marketing Industry

Effect of COVID

Before understanding the effect of COVID 19 pandemic on Digital marketing, let us first understand what actually Digital Marketing is all about. In simple words, we can understand that it is a marketing process which is done digitally, in this process we use different digital platforms like apps, websites, emails, search engines, social media, etc to reach the relevant customers across the world who are willing to pay for the product or services offered by us.

Effect of COVID-19

COVID 19 has changed the behavior of the people at great extent, now people are staying mostly at home, spending more time with their parents and children, working remotely, taking good care of their health and making their immune system strong, doing a home workout to stay fit, adapting for children’s homeschooling, etc. There is a huge change seen inside the people’s behavior post COVID hit.

Effect of COVID-19 on Customer’s Behaviour

After the pandemic, most customers have changed their way of living in a major way. Now as they are spending most of their time either in self-isolation or maintaining social distancing, their way of living is changed and is now restricted to some limited options.

These Limited Options Of the Consumer Have Raised the Significant Use Of the Following:

  • Increase in the use of the Internet.
  • Spending more time digitally, using smartphones, laptops, or desktop.
  • Television use for entertainment and recent news.
  • Connecting with friends on Social Media.
  • Gaming
  • Online Shopping
  • Video Conferencing
  • Online Events

Effect on Digital Marketing

With most of the businesses trying to change their marketing strategy and shifting online and trying to create an online presence, there is a huge increase in the Job Vacancy and job opportunities for Digital marketer who have the right skills and creativity to deal with the current situations.

The change in customer’s behavior has naturally lead them to increase in the media consumption rate which acts as a great opportunity for the digital marketing by tailor-making the content for the consumers from analyzing the current scenario and rethinking and implementing the new marketing advertisements to create a relationship with the customer which will help to improve the brand value of the organizations.

As there is a saying that “Prevention is better than cure”, it is unknown until when the situation will last, it is essential to analyze the impact which it may have in the upcoming future on the market situations too and be ready for it from now.

Following Are Some Of the Major Effects Which Can be Considered Currently:

  • All the traditional TV ads need to be recreated which matches the current situation.
  • The advertisement needs to be mostly focused online rather than using banners outside, as the consumers are spending most of their time on the internet rather than outside.
  • All events are being canceled so that people do not gather in large numbers at any place and maintain social distance.
  • E-Commerce sites are at its peak as people are ordering most of their goods online rather than choosing to go outside to the market.
  • Many brands are changing their traditional messages to something more health-centric messages to maintain their brand value.
  • Marketers are creating digital options so that they can have virtual events online.

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How to Create a Digital Marketing Opportunity in the Current Scenario?

Evaluate Your Business Health

Evaluate all the aspects of your business including all your assets, revenue, current traffic, trends, and how your business is being affected by this pandemic. Collect and analyze these data for making future digital marketing plans.

Consider A/B Testing

It is always helpful to try to evaluate different advertising messages and subjects to check out which one works better with the audience and provide more results and traffic. Try to make your messages and ads more related to the current scenario by changing your marketing strategy a bit.

Focus Mainly on Online Marketing

As the behavior of consumers is changing in the current scenario, they are spending more time on internet surfing websites, social media, games, etc, You should shift your online marketing strategies towards these to make the best use of it.

Connect With People Emotionally

Try to make emotional connections with people in the current situation with your brand, this results in brand loyalty and customer retention. Find different organic or paid opportunities to connect with your customers online by showing how you treat and behave with your customers and employees in this difficult time.

Learn From Your Past Mistakes

Look into the past mistakes already made and analyze the current situation and work accordingly for the upcoming future by trying to predict what will it all be after this pandemic gets over and discuss with your team to make future opportunities.

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