Equipment and Resources Needed to Start a Cleaning Business?

Start a Cleaning Business

Starting a cleaning business may sound relatively hands-on and easy, however, it’s no plain sailing. Just like any other business, starting a cleaning business requires a lot of pre-planning, dedication, professional cleaning supplies, tangible resources, and eligible equipment to get everything up and running. Just knowing that there will be plenty of job availability is a great initial starting boost, however, unless you have all the tools and key items needed to get the cleaning job done, the future of your residential or commercial cleaning business may slowly rise. Hence, here is a thorough guide to all the equipment and resources required to start a cleaning business and help you achieve the desirable success you are striving for.

Decide on the type of cleaning company or service


The products, tools, and equipment you are about to buy would solely depend on the type of cleaning company you wish to start. There are three main types of cleaning business you could commence: domestic or residential cleaning, industrial, or specialist cleaning company. The cleaning business you want to start would dictate the type of items and supplies you should buy. Hence, for conducting basic residential cleaning you may need mops, buckets, a vacuum cleaner, cleansing cloths and towels, etc. On the other hand, for industrial cleaning and cleaning other commercial properties such as dental surgeries, schools, offices, and similar, you would need pressure washers, and other tech-savvy tools to get the job done professionally.

Residential cleaning equipment and resources


In Australia alone, more than a hundred residential cleaning companies are being opened on a monthly basis due to people’s hectic lifestyles and failure to perfectly maintain their households. Luckily, If you are going to focus on conducting house or residential cleaning services, you may not require heavy-duty cleaning equipment, but rather a few nifty gadgets and cleaning supplies. Therefore, this is a lucrative business to start because people can now only search for house cleaning services in Melbourne on their browser and quickly find a professional cleaning company to hire. Furthermore, when it comes to cleaning supplies and equipment, you would mainly need a vacuum cleaner, a floor waxing machine, an all-purpose cleaner, specialized wood and window cleaners, glass and detail cleaning bruises and cloths, scrubbers, a mop, and a broom.


Basic amenities and supplies for a commercial cleaning company


Unlike working as a house cleaner or conducting a residential cleaning business, cleaning offices is a bit more demanding endeavor. For starters, you would need the same supplies and amenities as in cleaning a house, and a few extra supplies and tools needed for cleaning large offices and windows. For instance, commercial clients are usually larger corporations with big office spaces that require thorough and lengthy cleaning regularly, so there are bound to be tedious cleaning requirements. For commercial properties, besides the regular vacuuming, dusting, and swapping, you would need to replace toilet paper, trash bags, and paper towels, as well as hand soap or dishwashing liquid, for that matter, you ought to have such supply with you at all times.

High-end industrial cleaning equipment and resources


Besides the must-have cleaning supplies and amenities necessary for conducting basic commercial cleaning tasks, for an industrial cleaning business, you would need to top up your equipment and resources. For professional industrial cleaning, you would need to purchase larger equipment so you could handle extensive and rigorous weekly or daily cleaning. Some of the specialized heavy-duty cleaning equipment and tools include:


  • Steam cleaners
  • Floor waxing machines
  • High-end industrial vacuum cleaners
  • High-powered pressure washers
  • A carpet cleaning machine and extractors
  • Advanced floor scrubbers and buffers
  • Hygienic respirators
  • Window washing tools
  • Basic cleaning supplies


Depending on the size of the commercial space, the environment, and the setting, you might require additional disinfectants, as well as disposable or rubber gloves, goggles or protective face shields, coveralls, non-slip shoes, and safety signage for wet floors or some other caution signs, etc. All of the above-mentioned amenities and cleaning equipment together contribute to getting the job done efficiently, safely, and fast.

Essential cleaning extras


Starting a cleaning business, believe it or not, is more than having the right equipment and tools, it’s equally about having all the right behind-the-scenes essentials. To start and lead a successful cleaning business, you need to hire eligible staff, strategize the marketing and advertising to boost up your business’s name in the competitive marketplace, and in that way enhance your recognition. Reinforcing the brand is a fantastic marketing tool as you would spread the word about your cleaning business and strengthen your professionalism and trustworthiness in the customers’ minds. There are many ways to get recognition, as first impressions matter, think about getting a colorful and unique uniform to stand out from the rest, then design well-crafted business carts, and aim to build up your online presence.

Get adequate insurance


Every business ought to be adequately insured from numerous aspects and hazards. Purchasing business insurance for your cleaning business indicates getting protected from items such as property damage and injury claims. Find the most suitable insurance policy that mainly protects you from clients’ and third-party claims of property damage or some other form of bodily injuries, in addition to having a policy that covers workers’ compensation insurance when employees get sick or injured while performing the job. Getting the right insurance indicates professionalism, plus in that way, your business would always be on alert for any revenue loss if a temporary shutdown occurs or similar. It can be reality insecure not to have professional business insurance and health coverage for the employees, since many unpredictable items can occur and without adequate protection, you could risk losing your business.


If you have been thinking about starting your own cleaning business, these are the necessary things you ought to consider and the equipment and resources to get. Every beginning is hard and will impose a plethora of challenges, however, those are the obstacles you have to succumb to if you wish to be successful. By and large, keep in mind that starting your cleaning business will solely rely on your physical wellness, so you should have the top-notch equipment and vital supplies to get the job done righteously.


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