7 Major Reasons of Evolution of Smartphones


Smartphones have become a necessary part of our lives. In the current scenario, over 7 billion people make use of a smartphone. Today, imagining a day without smartphones seems challenging. For 25 years, giants like Apple and Samsung have put in their effort in research work to create the fantastic smartphone features that we use today.

Mobile phones have evolved drastically over the years to make our lives easy and efficient. Starting from the old phones like blackberry to the current super gadget like the iPhone, let’s understand what brought about such an evolution in the mobile phone industry. Recently Samsung rolled out two new phones Samsung note 10 lite and Samsung a71with some great features to make life easy.

Here are 7 major reasons that led to the evolution of smartphones

Physical Keypad

It all started with physical keyboards. Right from the beginning, mobile phones had the QWERTY keypad. Blackberry was among the first to incorporate this design into their devices which Samsung, HTC, Motorola followed.

However, each company had a different level of success with it. Eventually, a huge problem arose. The screen size was not big enough to watch videos or movies properly. As the video revolution was just in its nascent stages, more and more users wanted a bigger screen device. 

Apple then re-imagined mobile devices and came up with the first touch-screen phone with a small home button. Samsung then came out with Galaxy, and finally, Android was rolled out. Now, people could enjoy a bigger screen and almost no physical keys.

To date, companies are trying to ensure people get a bezel-less display so that viewing feels better. Samsung a71 has a fantastic touch-screen with high resolution for an incredible visual experience. 

Increase in competition to dominate the market 

As more and more companies are manufacturing great phones under generous budgets, the competition to dominate the market is increasing. Companies are spending heavily on their research and development to create the next best device for the customers. As the mobile industry has an endless potential to innovate, this led to a faster evolution in the features as well as the look and feel of the smartphones. 

Increase in people’s buying power

Smartphones used to be a luxury 25 years ago; however, today it has become a quintessential part of our lives. People’s buying powers have substantially increased over the years. As the internet took over the world, the prices of smartphones toned down to lure the masses. Now the penetration of mobile phones is even in the most remote villages. 

Need for more secure mobile phones

Facial, as well as fingerprint recognition, replaced passwords to ensure high-security. With this introduction, it has become easy to store important files on a smartphone. The sense of this security helped people even to keep their personal and financial data in the phone. Hacking a password is easy but cracking a fingerprint is not an easy task. Phones like the Samsung note 10 lite have an in-built fingerprint sensor.

High-end camera quality

Mobile photography technology has grown tremendously over the years. Where once people used to purchase expensive cameras to capture photos today, that job is done by a mobile camera seamlessly. Now high-end cameras have become a secondary choice. Other than professional photographers, smartphones having camera specs of 13MP or more are serving the purpose.

These smartphone cameras have come a long way as they are equipped with motion sensors, auto touch, and more. More and more people check the camera of their smartphone before buying. Samsung note 10 lite has a 32MP front camera that captures brilliantly. 

Unlimited storage capacity

Today, smartphones have an incredible storage capacity. As years passed, manufacturers created more space for users to store data. People tend to purchase smartphones that have a great capacity to store all their files and other data. 

Payments made quickly 

Today’s times call for super-fast and convenient methods of payment. With Apple pay, payments are simplified simply by just using the face id. No need to use debit or credit cards. Such interesting innovations have majorly led to  better smartphones, and the future holds much more. 

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