Fastest Web Browser in 2020: Mozilla Firefox

fastest web browser

As we are heading into more and more online activities it has become essential to choose the most faster web browser. Due to so many options available, it has become confusing to opt for. Plus due to privacy concerns, it is must that we should analyze the browser we use in our day to day routine. By considering that, We have researched and experimented with the most popular browser and are here presenting you with valuable information that will help you boost your speed in every task of yours.

Steps to measure Web Performance:


Page loading is usually defined as the time it takes the browser to ignite the window. At best, this time is expected to be below 2 seconds.

One way to define render time is the DOMContentLoaded event. It starts after the initial HTML document is loaded and analyzed. Render time can also be measured over the time it takes to apply the first paint or TTFP. TTFP represents the length of time users have to wait while learning content other than a blank browser screen

The time it takes a server to respond to the initial request measures the server time. TTFB or time-to-first-byte represents the period of time it takes to receive the first initial byte of data related to an HTTP request. Since a basic HTML file is always the first thing users get when opening a page, a good TTBF of your browser is desirable and reflects good quality veg.

  • Before web pages finish loading, users generally start scrolling and clicking. Picking out the point when visitors start to engage with your application can give you further insight into the user experience. This can be accomplished by adding certain JavaScript events and handlers.

Thus considering the above methods we can say at the top layer we have just two web browsers Mozilla and Chrome.

And without a doubt, Firefox beats Chrome here due to some features and we have mentioned them below.

Open Source & Free Software

As we all know Chrome is owned by Google and Firefox is open source and free software and is developed by the Mozilla Foundation. The Gecko layout engine is used by Firefox to render web pages, which implements current and anticipated web standards.

Firefox cares about the User Experience

Firefox not only offers faster web browsers but also other features and that too for free. It makes it convenient for users to do various tasks hassle-free. Plus being developed and managed by the same corporation it’s UI gets integrated and easily understandable.

Even Firefox is the most secure web browser to use. It has a lot of privacy and security features in it. Unlike Chrome, Mozilla is a non-profit organization. Therefore it doesn’t use user’s data to monetize. You might have seen other browsers using your search history to serve up ads. But it’s not the case with Firefox browser. So feel free to use it. In fact, after its recent update, it has become more impressive. The company has tried its best in every sector whether, its security, privacy, speed, performance, or flexibility.

Here are some of the products by Mozilla which you can use with Firefox to boost your productivity:

  • Thunderbird
  • Firefox Focus
  • Hubs
  • Firefox Screenshot Go
  • Firefox Reality
  • Pocket

Uses fewer resources than Chrome

It is well known that chrome uses too much memory on windows. It takes most of your PC’s ram to just load multiple tabs. That’s why it is badly famous as ‘MEMORY HOG’. On the other hand, Firefox claims to use 30% less RAM to do the same work as chrome. Plus it is self-evident on windows that Firefox loads faster and browses popular sites as quickly as it is clicked.

Easy UI Customization

It’s a lesser-known fact that Firefox has its own UI which can be customized with your own choice. It’s comfortable to change UI elements from the Customization window. Just click and drag any item you want into the toolbar to add it, or you can also drag items into the customize menu to remove them. This includes the vacant spaces surrounding the URL bar by default.

Firefox Bookmarks System

Firefox makes it easier to use and sync bookmarks across all its devices. It makes the bookmarks available on your iOS app, android app, and on windows and mac too. The availability of bookmarks on all the platforms makes it faster to get work done in lesser time as compared to chrome or other browsers.

Tips :

  • To bookmark a page, you have to click on the start button in the address bar.
  • The star will turn blue after you have successfully bookmarked a page.
  • A window will pop-up too where you can name, move, or tag your bookmarks.

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In the end, we can say that it all depends on the user how they really work. Though Firefox has a slightly upper edge while browsing on mobile phones. Plus due to some extra features, it makes it more comfy and swift as compared to its other competitors. Also, As before it’s endlessly customizable both in terms of its appearance and in the range of plugins and extensions you can use. Last year’s update improved its performance dramatically, so it’s a good option to opt for.

I hope this article would have helped you a lot. If you still have any queries left. Or if you have a different opinion regarding the fastest web browser of 2020. In both cases, feel free to comment below. Also, mention the browser which you use in your daily routine in all your devices. Let’s see which is the most used and fastest web browser in today’s time.


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