The SecretBook To Finding Someone’s IP Address

Finding Someone’s IP Address


Internet Protocol Address is popularly known as an IP address, can be defined as a numerical representation of where the device is precisely connected to the internet. It is a mechanism in which you deduce where something is going on and- to some extent, even about what that thing is. Each device that is connected to the online internet possesses an IP address. Click here to find out five ways to find an IP address on a mac.

IP Address

To have a clear understanding of IP addresses, look at it as a telephone number as it serves the same purpose. When you call someone, your telephone number identifies who you are and assures the person on the other side of the call that you are indeed who you claim you are. 

The same is with an IP address, which is used as an interface identification for a network of machines and is also capable of providing the location of that machine. Since an IP address is a unique identifier, it permits computers to send and receive data to and from particular computer units in a given network.  

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Need for Finding Someone’s IP Address

There can be a myriad range of reasons why you might need someone’s IP address. Fundamentally, you might need it to create a secure connection between the two devices or, you might want to allow access to someone to your business’s network. 

Furthermore, IP addresses can also be used to trace someone online and track their location or perhaps to block a particular IP address or blacklist a device while staying unidentified. Most people think that it is quite challenging to find an IP address. 

Still, the truth is that anyone having the right technical know-how and computer tricks can find it, be it a company, a government institution, or a typical nerdy IT guy. And if you think that you need someone’s permission to sniff out their IP address, that is not the case. So here we bring you the top tricks to find someone’s IP address:

Fortunately, there are a few methods for finding an IP address either for a website or an individual device.

It is not difficult to get somebody’s IP address. There is a site called IP Logger URL Shortener – Log and Track IP tends to this site can track and record any IP address that visits the site however there is no assurance that the area given by the site is precise. You additionally need to send the connection of the site to the focused individual. You can just reveal to them that the site checks if the IP is released or something to that effect. The site shows which Operating System your casualty is utilizing, which program, and his/her area however as I said before there is no assurance that the area showed by the site is precise. You probably won’t comprehend the site here yet you will realize how to utilize it by visiting it. To get the IP address click on the “Imperceptible Image”. In the event that you need the IP addresses every now and again or of new individuals remember to join the site.

Scrutinize The Email Header 

One of the best places to check an IP address is through a function embedded in most email programs. While you must be thinking that an email fulfills the sole duty of carrying a message, it comes along with a header that gives vital information, which includes the IP address. You must look for the ‘Header’ information, which is available under the option “Internet Headers” or only “Headers” in the setting of the email program. Turning on this option will display a whole new range of data on your messages, which includes the IP address you are looking for. 

It is essential to know that you can’t always rely entirely on the header information. It can be fake as well! This makes it necessary to perform an IP check by making use of the command prompt to ping the address and vindicate its validity. 

Use The Command Prompt 

While using Windows devices, an IP address can be found with the command prompt. You can find the same through the Search Box in the Start Menu. For those using Mac devices, this application is known as Terminal and is available in the utility folder. Once you have successfully located the command prompt, open it, and you will be able to see a black DOS screen appear. 

At this stage, you can utilize a ping to acquire the IP Address. A sound will set out to establish a connection between your device and the one whose IP address you are looking for. 

The next thing you need to do is type the words “ping host address” on the command prompt screen where the “host address” equals the address of the website that you are looking to trace and finally hit the enter button. 

For instance, if you wish to find the IP address of Instagram, you will type the words “ping” and then hit enter. Post this, and your computer unit will automatically find the server for this site. If it is successful, you will finally see the IP address you are searching for. 

Make Use Of An Online IP Lookup Tool

One of the most reliable and straightforward ways to track someone’s IP address is to use an online IP lookup tool. Different methods are developed by various organizations to find someone’s IP address. While some of these methods are indeed questionable, others are legitimate. 

Websites such as And can assist you in finding IP addresses and revealing where they are located—saying that always make sure to double-check the IP address information to verify its accuracy.


While there are many other ways to look for an IP address, these 3 tricks top the list. By utilizing these tricks, you can find someone’s IP address anytime you need to. These tricks are indeed comfortable, reliable, and authentic and only require simple technical know-how.  

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