Top 10 Gardening Tools to Buy in 2020

Gardening Tools

Some people love to do gardening things and having a couple of best gardening tools can make it more enjoyable and easier. No matter if you love to care for your flower plants of different species or just enjoy growing vegetables and fruits in your backyard, gardening helps you connect with yourself and nature at the same time.

Finding the best garden tools could be difficult as the options are huge. Going with the basics is always a good idea and you must look for some of the staple and worthy gardening tools. Another thing you can do is buying tools according to your requirement.

These days there are tools and gadgets available for almost every required task and you will also find a garden tool for a retable and relevant task. If you are also on the hunt for best garden tools then you have come to the right place.


One of the staple garden tools, pruner can help you do a lot of grafting stuff. Pruning and grafting trees and shrubs is a regular task to be done in the garden and with a quality pruner all you can do easily and conveniently. Most of the pruners come with a bypass blade these days which ensures clean and smooth cut on stems.

They are durable no doubt and can be used for years. Make sure the grip is non-slip and the metal body is coated to prevent any kind of rust and damage. Pruners with different cutting capacity and you can buy according to your necessity.


Gardening shovel

The list of garden tools will be incomplete without including a shovel. This simple tool can help you do a lot of gardening kind of stuff. Most of the digging tasks can be done using a quality shovel or spade. It becomes really difficult to work on extra firm soil having a lot of gravel, small rocks, and debris.

Shovels are made with extra durable and best quality steel nowadays and also contains handles and with strong fiberglass and great quality wood. Make sure the shovel you are purchasing is strong enough to easily go through tough soil as well as has sharp edges to cut rogue roots.

Hedge Trimmers

Gone are the days when people use extra-large knives to trim the hedges. Now you can do trimming in your garden more easily and fast using an electronic hedge trimmer. If you are heading toward the nearby shop to buy one, hold on. There are both wired and cordless trimmers available there and you should go with the cordless as it provides utmost convenience.

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Lawn Rakelawn-rake

Rake is a worthy tool when it comes to versatility and can be used in farm and garden. Whether you want to remove the dead grass, leaves, or any kind of debris, you will need a quality lawn rake. Make your lawn Wimbledon worthy by trimming and removing all the unnecessary things using a quality lawn rake.

Hori-Hori Knife

If multi-functionality had a name then it would be surely Hori-Hori knife. Hori-Hori stands for digging in Japanese and is a great garden tool. It has a unique blend and comes with cutting and digging features. It also contains a small measurement tape which will help you measure the depth of soil for planting tuber or bulbs.

With a single Hori-Hori knife, you can dig, saw, transplant, measure, and cut, whatever you want while doing garden stuff. If you haven’t used this knife before you must have one this wonderfully versatile garden tool this year. Undoubtedly this Hori-Hori knife would become one of your favorite tools in the garden.

Trowelgardening tools - trowel

Trowels always proved a worthy gardening tool when it comes to doing useful things such as transplanting seedlings, digging through roots, potting, etc in the garden. Make sure to buy trowel made with quality material and enough resistance against rust and soil adhesion.

The trowel is one of the few garden tools which are small in size but can be used in multiple gardening tasks. It comes in different sizes and you can buy a couple of one according to your requirements.


Gardening is all great but making your hand and nails dirty is not good neither hygienic. There are multiple types of gardening gloves available in the market and choosing between them couldn’t be easy. Make sure to buy gloves made with flexible and breathable material. Water-resistant gloves are good as they keep your hands dry while doing messy gardening work.

Garden Cart

When it comes to the list of heavy-duty garden tools, nothing is more eligible than a quality garden cart to be featured. Transporting heavy items will be very easy around the garden with a cart and thus you must have one too. Nowadays garden carts of different designs are available and some of them can be assembled easily.

Spading Fork

A spading fork is also one of the basic yet most useful garden tools. Whether you need to dig, turn, or fresh soil or compost, all you can do using a good quality and durable spading fork. Usually, almost every lawn fork comes with four-pointed tines and few have five too.

You will have to do heavy-duty gardening tasks with your lawn fork and thus it must be enough strong and durable to bear the intense workload.

Gardening Bootsgardening boots

Gardening boots are one of the essential gears every gardener must-own and if they aren’t waterproof then it wouldn’t be enough worthy. Buy a quality water-resistant clog or boots to keep your feet safe from the soil, mud, and dirt outside. These boots allow their users to work on their lawn or garden no matter the weather.

Bottom Line

When you have the right gears and tools in your pouch, every task becomes easier and the same applies with gardening. If you think your garden tool wardrobe needs an upgrade then it’s the best time to do that. Make sure to go with the staple and basic tools and avoid investing in less worthy items.

Some tools are innovative and futuristic too, thus including the latest and basic garden in your gear wardrobe will be a great idea. Make a great effort to buy garden tools worthy of your every paisa invested and this post will help you investing in right gears and making a good deal.



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