Ghost vs WordPress – Choosing the Right Platform

Ghost vs WordPress

Are you interested in writing blogs? Do you have any idea which blogging platform among WordPress and Ghost is best for you? In order to decide the best platform among these two, I will compare the two platforms showcasing the weaknesses and strengths of both.



All over the world, the writers and journalists that are independent are using an open-source platform for writing publications and online blogs, which is known as the Ghost. You can use it as a professional publishing CMS known as headless Node.js which is the best one. The team of WordPress User Interface had a former deputy leader who gave the suggestion of using a new open-source platform known as Ghost. Unlike WordPress, it does not have any complexity.

What is the Need of Using Ghost?

  • This platform is open-source.
  • Its loading time is faster because of the headless CMS and modern technologies that it uses.
  • This platform is secure and flexible.
  • Adding HTML, Markdown, videos, embeds, and images are possible in its rich editor that is extensible also.
  • Its search engine optimization is native.
  • Its email newsletters, subscriptions, payments, member management, and registration forms are native.
  • When people use mobile to search on Google, then you can get a higher ranking because of the integrated AMP support that it provides.




You can create blogs and websites by using an open-source CMS known as WordPress. Basically, PHP is used for it. For using WordPress, you don’t require a lot of programming skills. Knowledge of PHP, CSS, and HTML is necessary for creating layouts for yourself. For creating and managing websites, this tool is very popular. and are the two WordPress website starting options. With an option of self-hosting, allows you to give your site a name, design it and manage it under your full control. Here, it is necessary to have developer skills. However, you can create a hosted site by using, and here you are not necessarily required to focus on technical issues, site maintenance, and design of the site.

What is the Need of Using WordPress?

  • This platform is open-source and you can use it without paying any money.
  • The selection of the web host is in your hands.
  • Without being a developer, you can use it easily.
  • With websites of any kind, it can adapt easily.
  • Videos, images, and text are the media types that it supports.
  • Here you can select premium themes or free themes that are available in a vast range.
  • For the specialized functioning of the website, there is an availability of a lot of plugins.
  • For helping you out, a support community is available here, which is actually large.

What is the Requirement of Comparing Ghost With WordPress?

A number of developers believe that an alternative to WordPress that is modern and simple is Ghost. However, these two platforms are open-source and can be used for writing blogs.

How is Ghost Different From WordPress?

These two have some differences which are given below. You can reach the best solution by knowing these.

  • PHP is used for WordPress and Node.js is used for Ghost.
  • WordPress ecosystem’s smaller part is blogging but writing posts or content comes under Ghost.
  • With websites of any kind, WordPress can adapt but doing so much is not possible with Ghost.
  • There is native SEO for Ghost. On the other hand, you need to install plugins for WordPress.
  • As compared to the WordPress, Ghost is relatively faster. Problems can occur in WordPress if you use a large number of plugins in it.
  • As compared to Ghost, the community is larger in WordPress.
  • As compared to the themes of Ghost, the themes of WordPress are available in greater variety.
  • WordPress has no Markdown support but Markdown support is present with Ghost.
  • The popularity of WordPress is comparatively greater.

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Comparison in Terms of Pricing


  • It has a free self-hosted version. Normally Digital Ocean and Bluehost are recommended.
  • A price of $29/month is used for the servers of Ghost’s hosted version.


  • It has a free self-hosted version. Normally Digital Ocean and Bluehost are recommended.
  • A price of $4/month is used for the servers of WordPress’s hosted version and a price of $25/month is needed for its Business Plan.

If you are interested in doing creative work and generating revenue from it that is recurring and sustainable, and along with this if you want to connect with the audience in a much better way then go for a blogging platform known as the Ghost. But, if you do not want to use coding skills for creating a complex website and are interested in business, then WordPress is good for you.

If you are interested in building secure, responsive, and interactive websites then contact a WordPress development company.



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