Gojek Clone App– Uncovering the Secrets to Manage Multiple Service Business

Gojek Clone App

Managing a multi-services business flawlessly is challenging. Keeping track of the deliveries and services, the payments, expenditures, inventories – the plate is full and you need to keep a tab on every aspect of it which is not only time taking but takes a toll on your business. Automation is the right answer to it.

Gojek Clone App provides comfort by ordering and shopping from this on-demand service platform. The scrip of the Gojek Clone can be modified to the requirements of the business owners offering multiple services under a single app.

About Gojek Clone App

Gojek Clone is a 100% customizable, reliable and pre-built solution offering 70+ on-demand services.

This Clone Script Solution is a replica of the existing Gojek App. It has existing delivery services with additional services that sum up to 70+ on-demand services.

Gojek Clone App is integrated with New Features along with COVID19 features. This White-labelled On-demand Multi-service App featured is customizable according to business demands. Thus, it makes an extensive platform that takes pride in offering 70+ on-demand services such as taxi rides, delivery services, and others.

Why Start Multiple Service Business With Gojek Clone?

With the pandemic hitting globally, people were forced to stay indoors. With no or fewer options to go out, on-demand apps were the life savior. With that, the market value shot $57.6 billion annually.  

According to the survey. The market demand for on-demand apps will be growing and it is likely to cross $335 Billion by the year 2025.

People are now finding it convenient and comfortable in using the on-demand app for their day-to-day needs.
This on-demand app is reliable and delivers goods and services on the same day. 

To start a multi-service on-demand app like Gojek will be the best plan to step into the booming on-demand economy.

Gojek Clone Script Solution – Extensive Platform Covering 70+ Services

Gojek Clone Script Solution is a ready-made complete source code offering multiple functionality services. 

Gojek Clone Script is developed to facilitate similar functionalities like the Gojek app, and the features can be added as per the business requirements. 

It is an app that holds primary categories where the 70+ sub-categories are divided accordingly: 

  • Transportation / Taxi Booking Services
  • On-demand Delivery
  • On-demand Services 

How Gojek Clone App Works?

The Gojek Clone App is an extensive platform enabling multiple services to the user on a single app. Each part of the app is designed according to the client’s ease of availing of services from the app. The user navigates through the services required and utilizes the service and pays through the various payment methods in-app. Here we will see the options and their workflow for User, Service provider, and Delivery services.

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Gojek Clone App New Features

    • Restricted passenger limit
    • Face mask verifications
    • Safety checklists
    • Safety ratings and reviews
    • Ride cancellation
    • Apply toll cost manually
    • Taxi fare calculations- 2 methods
    • Store wise commission
    • Day wise separate time slots
    • Item name searching
    • 18+ Age confirmation
    • Voice instruction for delivery drivers
    • Delivery drivers to have a helper for assistance
    • Restaurants to upload pictures of the kitchen
    • OTP verification to start the task/order
  • Graphical status of rides/order in-app notifications

Managing Multi-services with a Gojek Clone App 

Hiring an On Demand App Development Company, that has delivered more than 1000+ on-demand apps, and has happy clients across the world. With the pool of talented developers, designers, analysts, etc. that are experts in developing the Gojek Clone

A White-label Gojek Clone Script Solution automates your multiple services offering trendy features and intuitive UX/UI that helps customers to seamlessly order the delivery services in just a few swaps.

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