Gorgeous Wall Art: Six Tips to Hang a Rug on the Wall


Rugs are one of the most striking additions to any home decor. They don’t just help with the decorations, but they are also a convenient and way more affordable alternative to traditional artwork and paintings. 

Let’s not forget – they are highly versatile. Meaning, you can use them in myriad ways. Rugs as a wall hanging are a great room accessory that can instantly spruce up your living space while also creating a remarkable atmosphere. 

Rugs as wall hangings are great for displaying. Plus it also saves the rug from damage as it doesn’t have to handle spills and foot traffic.

Similar to floor rugs, wall rugs also carry myriad benefits and upsides. They add an artistic touch and a hint of warmth. Besides, they also significantly block the sound coming from outside which is always great when you want privacy, peace, and quiet. It’s also good for aiding sound, undisturbed sleep.

Before you go ahead and type ‘rug store near me, let’s take a look at what benefits rugs carry.

Benefits of Wall Hanging Rugs

We already talked about a few benefits of having a wall-hanging rug. Let’s take a look at some of the other benefits in detail. 

Here they are:

Aesthetically Pleasing

Rugs can do amazing things for decorating your wall. When hanged strategically, it can create a beautiful transition/flow across the surroundings. It can also create harmony by creating the right contrast with other decor elements. But, what sort of rugs are good for hanging on the wall?

A right rug should tell a story. To that end, nothing is better than an oriental rug. They are good with proportions and textures. But, you should also experiment with larger rugs that create a beautiful contrast with the rest of the wall decor.

Going with a colorful rug is another great idea as it suits all kinds of surfaces. Persian rugs are another excellent choice. 

Makes You Trendy

Rugs are the latest ‘in’ thing. They are an excellent substitute for traditional paintings which can often be rather expensive. 

It’s true that most people still prefer the conventional beauty of paintings; but if you’re someone who loves to keep up with changing trends, then you should definitely go with rugs.  

Wall Hangings Help to Preserve the Rug

Perhaps you have a rug that has been passed down to you from your family. If you want to protect its material and sentimental value, one of the best things you can do is hang it on the wall. 

Laying it on the floor is the surest way to get it damaged and dirtied up real quick.

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How to Hang Your Rug On The Wall

  • First of all, decide if you’re going to hang the carpet or have it plastered like a painting. 
  • Keep the rug size in mind while choosing the wall on which to hang the rug.
  • Avoid putting the rug on a wall that is directly exposed to the sunlight. This kind of exposure is the easiest way to damage the rug and fade its color.
  • Avoid hanging the rug near a heating source. Having a heat source around could be catastrophic for the rug fibers.
  • Avoid using uncoated metals and raw wood for hanging the rug. That’s because over time this type of material could easily damage the rug. 
  • It is best if you clean your rug every couple of months using a vacuum attachment. This will help to get rid of any debris or dust that collects over time.
  • Avoid using any sticky adhesives for hanging wall rugs.

Deciding Where To Hang The Rug

It is super important that you pick the right spot for hanging your rug. Think about the size first. Accordingly, you are going to need a large enough wall space. You can choose to hang it either on the top of the bed frame or above your sofa. What’s important is to find a place that is quick to grab attention and act as a show stopper.

Below are some popular choices for hanging rugs:


There’s nothing like the power of a graphic patterned rug or an abstract one that you picked up during one of your travels to instantly spice up the entryway. Based on the design, it can tell a story beautifully. It can be like a welcome sticker leading guests all the way up to the guest room or lounge area.

Living Room

You can hang an eclectic rug on top of the sofa in your living room. This is particularly good for those who have a quirky sense of style. 

You can hang in a variety of unique and original ways to grab attention. Seeing a rug in a place where it usually doesn’t belong is quite the eye-catcher.  


A bedroom is yet another no-brainer where you can use a rug as an art piece. You can use the space above your headboard as a showstopper. It’s the perfect way to add a touch of flair as well as pattern. 

Rugs in the bedroom work better when you have an oversized rug with a high ceiling that covers the majority of the vertical area. But, don’t worry! You can always go with something smaller too to create a compact statement.   

Things To Consider Before Hanging

Weight and Size

The weight and size of the rug will determine which hanging method you wind up using. Be sure to get the measurements correct before buying the rug. 

Make sure that the weight is properly distributed when you’re hanging the rug. In this way, you can avoid a heavy rug from accidentally warping.


To make sure the rug doesn’t lose its color, avoid any area with a fireplace, heat vents, or direct sunlight.


Avoid using pinning or nailing rugs directly on the wall if you want to avoid damaging the dyes and fibers.

Final Thoughts

Rugs are, without a doubt, one of the finest additions to any home decor. They are incredibly versatile, work like wonder, and are also super easy to mount/maintain. 

They are perfect for those who don’t necessarily have a lot of budgets but want to create a decadent statement.


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