Healthy Diet Plan for Weight Gain


We think only fatty people have weight issues but that’s not true, skinny people also face so many problems in their life as well. People think if they just eat more they can gain weight. It is not true that you can gain weight by eating more but it will be sometimes dangerous as you take fast foods and also gain a fatty body, not muscle. So a healthy diet plan is so important to get a healthy weight gain. In this article, we will discuss the healthy ways to gain weight with some high-calorie food diet plan.

Homemade protein shakes:

Protein shakes are giving a huge impact to gain weight as it is full of protein and you can easily digest this. But organized proteins are so costly as well as it is hard to digest. So you can make your own protein shake at home with few ingredients which is also not cost effective. Protein shakes give you full control on the nutrient content and flavor. Some protein smoothies are:

Chocolate banana shake: combine 1 spoon cocoa powder, 1 banana, 30ml oats and 1 tablespoon of peanut butter with 1 glass of milk.

Caramel apple smoothie: combine 1 cup of full yogurt, 1 apple sliced, 1 teaspoon of caramel, and oats with milk.

Vanilla berry smoothie: combine oats, ice, full yogurt, 1 teaspoon vanilla with 1 cup of fresh berries with milk.

These shakes have 500-600 calories if you take this after workout you can easily digest and also gain weight with important minerals and vitamins.


Milk is the best muscle builder or weight gainer for decades. In 250ml milk you get 200 calories. And it a good sources of vitamins, minerals and calcium and also a superior balance of carbs, protein and fats. Who trying to build muscle can take 500ml milk in a day as it has full of proteins. You can take milk in the early morning and at bedtime. You can also add honey or ice cream to make it tastier and you can intake more calories.


It is an expedient and low-cost carbohydrate source that helps you to gain weight. You get 204 calories with 44 grams of carbs and little fat by taking only one cup of boiled rice. Rice is as well calorie-dense, which means you can simply obtain high calories and carbs from one single serving. It also helps you to eat more food when you have a poor appetite. You can eat brown rice as it has more calories than simply rice. You can also change your eating style of rice with a few foods such as boiled rice with parmesan cheese and butter or cheese and broccoli or scrambled eggs. Lunch is the best time to take rice with any kind of vegetables or fish or meat.

Nuts Butter and nuts:

Nuts butter and nuts are the best and simplest way to gain weight. A ¼ cup of almonds has 170 calories, 4 grams fiber, 6 grams protein and 16grams healthy fats. You can take nuts at least two times in a day. You can also add this to your smoothies, crackers and yogurts to make them tastier and more calorie snacks. You can add peanut butter to your shake as it has 270 calories.

Red meats:

It is one of my most favorite muscle-building foods. 170 grams of red meat contains 49 grams protein and 456 calories. So you can easily take in more calories and gain weight.


If you take these foods and do some exercises and avoid some things such as fast foods, smoking, alcohol then you can easily gain weight.

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