5 Healthy Habits That Will Protect You From Coronavirus

Healthy Habits That Will Protect You From Coronavirus

Before five years, we could not imagine that we all had to wear the mask one day only to enter the grocery store. But unfortunately, this fuzzy and scary dream is becoming a harsh reality. Now we all have to wear musk and for better precautions gloves. And after the pandemic, these health care habits become routine. Hence the musk is becoming the second skin of the face.

But is wearing only a mask and gloves enough? Not really. Along with wearing the mask and gloves, you also have to build solid and healthy habits to protect yourself from the attack of the coronavirus.

Let’s see what those healthy habits are.

5 Healthy Habits To Protect your Body From Coronavirus

The coronavirus is making our lives miserable. Before the pandemic, we do not have to think about virus spreading and infections. But when the pandemic reaches us, we have to be more careful and take precautions to protect our bodies from the infection.

Not only wearing a mask and gloves can protect you from the virus. But, along with that, you have to build some healthy habits to block the spread of infection.

  • Always Carry The Hand Sanitizers

Handwashing is undoubtedly the best way for protection. But not everywhere you are going to find the sink and hand wash. That is why you must carry the hand sanitizers in your packets. For example, suppose you meet a friend or touch some surface. 

Where are you going to find the sink and the handwash? It is not possible that everywhere you are going to find the sink and the washbasin along with the soap. This time the few drops of hand sanitizer can do the disinfection works. For the best protection, do check the alcohol percentages before selecting the sanitizers. 60% alcohol is the best percentage for hand sanitizers.

  • Wash Your Musk 

Wash your musk. Now, most people are starting to wear a cotton facemask. Most often, people wear the facemask where social distancing is not possible. The cleaning ness of the cotton musk is a pretty healthy factor. The best healthy habit is to throw your musk in the laundry with a bit of laundry detergent.

After the regular wash, you also can use a little amount of disinfecting liquid to keep your musk entirely germ-free. After each time, wash your musk and then wear them. After the wash, dry the face musk under the sunlight. You also can use warm water for cleaning and washing.

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  • Disinfect The High Touch Surface

Do you ever count each day how many surfaces you are touching? I think you are not. We are connecting around 100 types of different surfaces each day. Especially; when you are going out for groceries or for regular office work. Even when we are staying at our home, we also touch different types of surfaces.

Keep those surfaces clean. For example, you are touching your phone and laptop keyboards a thousand times. Wipe your cellphone surface and laptop screen. And disinfect them each day after use. During the use of the phone, keep your hands clean and disinfected. When you are outdoors, carry a small pack of disinfecting wipes along with you and use them before touching any surface.

  • Wash Your Clothes

Wash your clothes. You may be thinking it is a waste of water. But right now, this is the high time when you always have to wear clean and washed clothes, especially during pregnancy time. But the study shows that COVID-19 doesn’t survive for a long time on textiles and clothes. Hence the time is shorter than the hard surface.

On the fabric, the COVID-19 can be found for up to two days. But, on the other hand, the virus is detectable for around seven days on the plastic and metal surface, which is three times higher than the hard surface. But these two days are also essential. This is why clothing, especially outdoor clothing, needs to be washed regularly; after you come from the grocery or any outdoor activity.

  • Take Bath

Yes, take a bath right after returning from the office or any outdoor activity or shopping. Still, it is not clear how long the Coronavirus stays on your skin and hair. For example, Rhinoviruses cold and flu virus remain on the skin for several hours. So it is clear that Covid 19 virus is also going to keep on the skin surface for a longer time.

This is the reason if you are doing outdoor activities or any groceries. It is better to take a bath right after returning to your home. And keep your clothes in the washing machine or bucket for a wash. After returning to your home, do not touch any surface unless you are taking a bath. Because when you are going outside, you do not know which surfaces are already contaminated or not.


Do you have a pet with you? Take some protection steps to keep your pet protected from the coronavirus. For dog walking, avoid the crowded park and always use the leash. While you are walking your dog in the park, it is possible to put the dog’s shoes on. After returning home, keep their paws clean with simple dog shampoo and little warm water. Finally, do not put your hand sanitizer on your pet’s paws. These health care tips keep you protected from Coronavirus infections and spreading.

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