Hiking Adventures on Rtanj, Serbia

Hiking Adventures

One of the best outdoor activities is hiking. The ideal place for your hiking adventures is the mountain Rtanj in Serbia. Mount Rtanj is located in the eastern part of Serbia, about 200 kilometers from the capital Belgrade. Rtanj belongs to the part of the Carpathian Mountains, in its shape, it resembles a pyramid. On the south side of the mountain, the ascents are gentle, while on the north side there is a large cut-off ascent that extends all the way to the top. At the end of the climb is a famous peak Šiljak. With its stunning appearance, it attracts hikers from Europe to the world.

Meet the mountain Rtanj


As we have already written, Rtanj belongs to the part of the Carpathian mountains. Since the mountain has the shape of a pyramid, it can be divided into three sides, north, south, and east. The south side of the mountain has a very gentle climb that is perfect for all beginners in hiking. At the foot of this climb is a wide plateau that stretches all the way to Soko Banja, a famous tourist destination in Serbia. On the northern side of Rtanj, there is a steep climb that is ideal for all those who want real hiking adventures. At the very top of the climb on the north side is the peak Šiljak. It is the highest point on this mountain with 1565 meters above sea level. The ascent from the east is difficult to access and full of ridges and cliffs.

At the very top of Rtanj are the remains of a church built by Greta Minh in 1935 in honor of her late husband Julius Minch, the former owner of a mine located at the foot of the mountain. The church was allegedly mined and demolished by vandals who believed in the legend that there was gold buried under the church.

How to prepare for hiking adventures on Rtanj?

hiking equipment

Although there is an ascent on Rtanj that is ideal for beginners in hiking, we advise you to bring the appropriate equipment on this trail as well. First of all, your condition must be satisfactory. Do not start your hiking adventures until you have reached the required condition. Wardrobe and shoes must be designed just for hiking. Hiking on Rtanj is better during the winter where you need warm hiking clothes. The temperature during the winter often goes to a big minus, which makes hiking difficult, especially with inadequate clothes. You should give great importance to good footwear. The hiking terrain on this mountain is full of rocks, frequent rains and snow create mud and ice. In order not to get injured, equip yourself with quality footwear and adapt it to the weather conditions. Gloves and a hat are also required.

In addition to the listed equipment, be sure to bring water and food with you in your backpack. You should have a knife, rope, first aid, and other equipment you may need in your backpack.

Hiking trails on Rtanj

hiking trails

All trails on Rtanj are well marked and you can get lost. You have the opportunity to start your hiking adventures on your own or to hire a trained guide. You can approach the ascent or the foot of the mountain with your vehicle. Villages at the foot of the mountain such as Muzinac and Vrmdze are ideal for starting your adventure. Two trails are used for climbing on Rtanj, and those are the South and North side. Climbing the South side is easier due to the slight slope, while the North side is intended for those with more experience in hiking.

Every year, a Christmas climb to Rtanj is organized. This tradition has lasted for 35 years! Then mountaineers and various associations from all over Europe gather and climb together. Due to the living and difficult weather conditions, a large number of rescue services are present on that occasion.

What are the Weather Conditions on Rtanj?

Hiking Adventures winter

Mountain Rtanj is full of surprises and weather changes. In winter, the snow that covers the trails is common. The temperature can often drop to -20 degrees Celsius. Strong wind is a common occurrence, no matter who the season is. Fogs are common in spring and summer, which can reduce your visibility, but they are not a big problem for orientation. In case of an announced weather disaster, we advise you to postpone hiking. Lightning strikes are common and are very dangerous for hikers. Therefore, before organizing hiking, follow the weather forecast, and choose a sunny day that is plentiful during the season. Rescue services are always present and well organized.

Flora and Fauna on the mountain Rtanj

The whole mountain is full of various plants. On the north side, there is a forest of conifers and deciduous trees. The southern side of the mountain is covered with a forest at the foot, while shrubby vegetation is found on the ascent. Rtanj is known for Satureja montana, which is Rtanj tea. It is used as an aphrodisiac, for lung diseases, treatment of colds, etc. While hiking in the lower parts of the mountain you can see wild boars and deer. Rtanj is often visited by hunters of these species of animals.

Interesting facts about Rtanj

As we have already mentioned in the text, Rtanj has the shape of a pyramid. For that reason, they compare it to the pyramid in the Mexican city of Teotihuacan. There are stories that Rtanj radiates energy that is good for human health. One of the amazing stories is that this energy is used by aliens! So while climbing this mountain, everything can surprise you.



Rtanj is a mountain ideal for visits by all those who are eager for adventure. Its appearance is breathtaking and simply invites you to conquer it. So visit Rtanj and enjoy the beauty of Veg and all the surprises you can afford.

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