How Technology is Changing the Education Sector?

Technology in Education

The use of technology is increasing everywhere nowadays. We are surrounded by technology everywhere indoors or out. Technology has become a part of our daily routine.

After this epidemic situation, the use of technology has increased in the education sector. People do not want to send their children to school, they want children to study from home through online classes. The technique has both positive and negative effects. Like children can learn good and bad from YouTube. Let’s understand the role of technology in the education sector in this article.

Advantages of the Use of Technology in Education

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Parents always choose good schools for the education of children. In earlier times, children in school lived in the teacher’s contact. But if they had any trouble doing homework at home, then the children could not contact the teacher. But now the era has changed and even after school, children can remain in the teacher’s contact through Whatsapp, Facebook, video call, email, etc.

Schools want their students to be better in studies so that they are now using new techniques. They are easy to study and children do not have trouble understanding.

Due to technology, the distance between students and teachers has reduced further. If a student does not understand any topic and he is not able to ask in front of other students due to shame. Then he can ask through the video call through the teacher alone.

The first technique we learn in school is how to use a computer? If a computer or laptop is used to in extent, it is correct. Children learn new things by using the Internet. By searching the Internet, you will find many educational videos.

You must have also read many news articles, in which it is told how a young child has made a mobile application or has made a computer program. All this has been possible due to the correct use of technology.

When the computer is given to the children, parents should convince them to use it for studies. Children can also be disturbed by the computer as they may get addicted to playing games on the computer. So parents should keep an eye on the children’s online activity. So that they know what the children are doing.

Nowadays technology has become more developed, due to which there is more equipment other than computers which you can use to attend online classes, such as laptops, etc. Because of this, if you are away from home due to some work, you can still attend class on a mobile or laptop and your class will not be missed.

Nowadays, many types of apps and software have come in which can be used to track the online activity of students. If the teacher gives homework to the student then he can check through the software, who has submitted the homework, and who has No, you can also check the timing of submission.

When children attend class from home, there can be a lot of noise at home due to which other students may be disturbed, one solution to this problem is that you can use noise canceling headphones so that the voice around you can be used by other students. Will not go into her ears.

The Disadvantage of the Use of Technology in Education

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We should also see the negative side of the technology that falls on students. A big problem that has emerged in online classes is that not all students pay proper attention to the teacher’s talk in the online class. Their mind gets diverted to other online activities like chatting with someone, etc.

Another problem in online classes is that children join the class but do not attend and start doing other things. If the lesson is confusing, the children become bored and divert their attention to other activities. Teachers should make online classes more interactive so that students get attention in class.

Technology should be used properly in education. There are many such incidents where students get into some trouble due to technology and one or more years of their academic career is wasted. Parents should also pay attention to children, what they search in mobile, what they see, parents should be aware of all these things.

Technology has changed the way we study. Earlier we used to book only which we used to study, but now there are many more options like YouTube, Wikipedia, Educational websites, Apps, and more. The main objective of technology in the education sector should be to improve the quality of teaching.

You will get a lot of space to see how the wrong technology has affected the logo. The education sector is also not untouched by this, here too the technique of teaching and learning process has been misplaced.

We cannot shift the entire teaching method online. First, we have to understand both its positive and negative side effects.

Talking about a more negative impact, it is that students become adept at staying online. They spend their entire day online, which wastes their time on useless tasks. Although not all students do this, only a few students do this.

In the end, I would like to say that parents should decide how they want to teach their children, online or offline. The mode in which their children are more comfortable should be chosen for their children. Future tea is technology only, so if we start now, our children should learn to use technology properly.

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Technology can be used to increase student growth in the education sector. But students should also keep in mind that they should use the technique only to improve their studies. By tracking the activity of a teacher, they can pay more attention to them according to their positive and negative points. The technique has advantages as well as disadvantages which are explained well in this article.


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