6 Tips to Improve Instagram Engagement


For reaching the target audience you can use a suitable platform known as Instagram. It will also support you in engaging the followers. But for engaging them your content should be attractive. The engagement of your fans can be measured in many ways. To check the performance of our post we should see the likes received by it. The content will be considered as good if it has got so many likes.

The content will be considered as good if it has got so many likes. To reach new levels on Instagram, you can refer to different websites that allow you to purchase followers. Buying instagram followers Famoid is the best way as it provides authentic followers which will maintain the profile as well.

Now I am going to give you 6 tips to improve Instagram engagement.

# You Should Consistently Post the Content

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Every day you have to put 1 or 2 posts consistently. By doing this your content remains relevant and fresh and a lot of fans will be attracted to it. It is also critical to know the right time for posting. There are several experts telling you the right time for posting. Some say that 5 AM is the right time for posting but some others say that 8 AM or 9 AM is the right time for doing it. A lot of confusion is created because of this inconsistency. But the reality is that you can not consider a particular time as the best time for posting because there is no surety that any magic will happen.

You just have to identify the habits of your followers i.e. knowing the time when they are active and then take advantage of it by putting the posts during this time.

# Your Posts on Instagram Should be Telling Stories and Not Preaching

It is necessary to be a storyteller, only then the engagement rates can increase. By using text, video, and images you can easily attract the audience. If you are just preaching then it will not help you so much. By telling a story you can emotionally connect the people with you and they will surely share your content with others. In order to make deeper connections with the people, it is necessary that your story has elements with longer captions. By doing this your content will look authentic.

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# A Strong Brand Needs to be Built by You on Instagram

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The right use of a hashtag is so much important. You should be a master in doing it. To give a fresh look to your images it is necessary to create patterns of that style. You need to concentrate on how your profile should be presented in front of the audience. Loyalty and engagement can be built up by regular interaction with the followers. For your target audience, your brand should be presented in a consistent and positive manner.

# Your Instagram Feed Should be Visually Consistent

It is interesting to know that visual content is the heart of Instagram. Glossy perfection is no more preferred by anybody. If your perspectives are diverse and expressions are authentic then the users will like it. Your editing style should be simple and candid shots should be taken by you. To give your content a natural look, the brightness of the images needs to be increased and there is no need to change the colors. Along with this, the highlights should also be reduced. Your feed has to be visually consistent. You can use the VSCO Cam app to edit the photos so that they look consistent.

# Right Hashtags Should Always be Picked by You

You are suggested to use a generic hashtag so that you can compete with others. Hashtags that are industry-specific as well as trending should be used by you so that you can easily establish the connection with your target audience. For each hashtag, you have to do some research so that the best results can be obtained. See the number of likes received by your content and also see what kind of content it is. It is also critical to know how many hashtags are deployed by you. You can not use more than 30 hashtags. You should have a look at the number of hashtags used by your competitors so that you can easily make the decision about how many hashtags your brand should use.

# A Branded Hashtag Should be Created


Your hashtag should be like that your brand name is included in it and it should be memorable and short. In this way, a stronger community can be created by you and you can get a lot of traffic. By doing this your content can be organized easily. Tracking and finding it will be like slicing a cake.

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