How to do In-House Digital Marketing

How to do In-House Digital Marketing

Digital marketing channels are necessary for an organization’s communication and success. With an average time of 1hr 31 minutes on social media by 78% of Australians, organizations cannot underpin the critical role, internally and externally. Digital marketing incorporates email marketing, social media, search engine optimization, user experience, and conversion rate optimization. Exposing your staff to digital marketing ensures that everyone is on the same page in day-to-day marketing efforts.

Advantages of in-house digital marketing

In-house digital marketing is lead generation activity by an in-house ad agency that focuses on marketing on specific areas of the mother company. You can enroll your employees in a digital marketing course online, with an engaging program to make your team succeed. The merits of engaging your employees in in-house digital marketing include:

Deep understanding of the brand and product

The team understands your company’s brand, culture, products, and internal processes. Your team knows the best approaches that produce the best results for the company. For example, they know the best keywords to use, the best topics to talk about, and effective ways to portray the information to the target audience. External digital marketing providers cannot have that connection to the company philosophy like your team within.


Your team knows clearly that the organization’s fortunes account for their overall well-being. With this at the back of their minds, they will be more devoted to work. Dedicated employees are more productive, less wastage of raw materials, and fewer work-related accidents, which is a plus to employees.

Effective communication

Because you are working in the same place together, there is much faster communication. Collaborative platforms in the organization improve communication workflows. Effective communication allows you to set up a marketing campaign quickly and respond to upcoming market trends.

Strong bond formation

When members work together daily to achieve their goals, they are tied together. They can freely discuss topics on marketing, everyone contributing and stimulating the organization’s interest. In-house digital marketing creates team spirit and influences overall results.

In house digital marketing process

Before you take the leap and decide on in-house digital marketing, consider the following aspects which can position your organization for success.

Clearly define your marketing goals

This should form your first point when you consider moving from outside marketing agencies to in-house marketing. Have measurable monthly lead generation and conversion goals. The five key performance indicators include traffic to lead ratio, website traffic projections, lead to customer ratio, customer lifetime value, and return on marketing investment.

Alignment of your marketing plan with sales goals

The prepared goals in the marketing plan should align with your sales goals for a given period. Come up with deliverable marketing activities to attain your projected sales. Your plan should be reviewed against the sales targets and adjusted if required. This stage ensures that you are constantly optimizing the execution of your marketing tactics and evolving your overall strategy effectiveness. Conduct an honest marketing assessment of your organization, looking at critical areas like the ability to track marketing metrics internally, availability of clear marketing goals, and internal team ability to fulfill the task.

Infrastructure for in-house digital marketing

You need to prepare infrastructure – technology, processes, and management for effective in-house digital marketing. Every team is different, and they may be variations from one group to another, but have the bare minimum for the effectiveness of the exercise.


The technology you need includes tools and automation to enhance human insights and provide more time for planning and analysis.


This looks at how your organization can run smoothly and adopt risk mitigation strategies. It makes the work environment easy and creates better team interactions.


This includes support to team members and monitoring performance. Managers are the ones to evaluate outputs, guided by prepared metrics that are in line with the marketing goal. Managers link the organization and employees. New members into your company should be inducted from the first day on digital marketing strategies in place. Provide opportunities for career development among your employees to get more rounded digital specialists.

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In-house digital marketing is an opportunity for you to discover your organization’s needs, design outcome-focused solutions, monitor and evaluate your strategy in the dynamic technological world.

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