How to Increase Traffic for Travel Website

How to Increase 5x Traffic for Travel Website in a Few Days

You need the right combination of article submission, keyword research, guest blogging, and link building. Let’s see what it takes to get the results we want from article submission. Article Submission: If you know how to submit articles, you are halfway to your success. The rest comes down to choosing the right article directories. Here are a few tips from the author of Article Submission Guru.

If you submit articles to the right directories, you have a great chance of getting ranked by Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Article Submission Guru has good news for you. Article directories usually have a high page rank, which means that your articles will be indexed faster and more frequently by Google, MSN, and Yahoo. This is because articles with keyword tags get indexed earlier than those without. Now you can understand why you need more than one theme. You want to give your site more exposure.

Guest Blogging


Guest Blogging


There are many travel guest post sites on the web. You should choose five to six of them. When choosing guest blogging sites, you must select sites that have a very high page rank. Also, your guest blogger must be interested in the subject related to your travel articles.

When a guest blog appears with your travel articles, you have a double whammy. First, visitors who read your article may be interested in your travel blog. Second, and most importantly, if they click on your guest blogger’s resource box to visit your site, you have just gained a potential client. If you are selling a travel product like a trip-planning software or a hotel package, this visitor is already a qualified customer. You will get a sale, no matter what. And, if your article won’t be posted on the first and second page of Google, chances are good your link will not be clicked on.



search-engine-optimization SEO


Article Submission Guru suggests that you do a little search engine optimization to generate traffic for your articles. Put keywords in your title. Place them in the first paragraph of your article. Place them in the last paragraph. And, of course, do your keyword research!

This may seem like a lot, especially if you don’t have any prior SEO experience. And it isn’t necessarily very complicated. But do your research, and you’ll find plenty of examples of successful SEO articles. And don’t stop there. Start doing the things they did to gain those results.

Submit Article


Submit Article


Don’t just post anything. Write unique content. Submit your article to article directories. Write press releases. Generate content, and the search engines will find you!

Writing articles is beneficial because you can achieve targeted traffic that is explicitly looking for your site. Many blog sites allow users to leave comments and feedback regarding their experiences while visiting the website. This feedbacks will be stored in the blog owner’s account and will eventually be visible to other online surfers. These comments will eventually come back to the search engines which will result in increased rankings for the site.


The more times your article is submitted to directories, the more chances a search engine finds your site. The more times your article is found by a search engine, the more potential customers you will get. As long as you do your part to keep your site up to date, search engine optimization can help you gain more free traffic.

When you submit your article to an article directory, you have two options: you can either use an article submission service or you can build your site. If you’re not comfortable writing or don’t have the time to write articles, you can hire a service. There are a lot of article marketing services out there that can help you get your site noticed. However, if you want to build your site, you have to design and make the right landing page. A landing page is a webpage where visitors go after reading your article.



keyword research


The keyword tool can also help you determine which keywords are highly searched for by your target audience. It will also show you which keywords are not getting much traffic. You can then change or eliminate these keywords that are not yielding good results for your site. Free tools for researching keywords are essential to get a foothold in the Internet’s highly competitive world. You have to ensure that your site is optimized for the search engines.

If you are looking for information on increasing traffic to your site, you should look into free tools offered on the Internet. Some freebies offered by Internet marketers include free tools for keyword research and analysis. Keyword analysis tool helps you choose the right keywords to optimize your site. If you use this free tool, you will have better results. However, you have to be careful in choosing the right tool for your needs since most of them are not updated frequently. You must also consider other factors like the provider’s reputation, reliability, and availability.

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Social Marketing



digital marketing for traffic


This includes social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. You can join these sites to promote your website and increase traffic to your site. Another free marketing strategy is through social media platforms. However, to create a successful social campaign, you should make sure that your website has an attractive design and offers useful information to its visitors. This means that your website must meet all the target audience’s requirements so that they will be motivated to visit the site.

Social bookmarking is also an excellent free marketing strategy. It is a process of sharing information through social networks. This is done by marking or favoriting an exciting website and letting it reach many people connected with the network. It is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your site because these people will share the information with their network.


Writing articles is also another free marketing strategy. You can submit articles pertaining to your niche or website to article directories. However, you must make sure that your articles are unique and that they are informative. Article directories allow you to put a resource box on each article that you submit. A resource box is a form of advertisement where you inform readers about your site.

You can see that there are numerous ways on how to increase traffic to your site for free. The best thing about these free marketing strategies is that you do not have to spend anything except for some of your time. These strategies are great because they give you an idea of how to market your site effectively. However, you still need to promote your site so that you can get more traffic and eventually more sales.



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