Is Bottle Feeding Safe For Newborn Baby?

Is Bottle Feeding Safe For Newborn Baby?

Most Doctors advise mothers to breastfeed their babies until they turn 2. But, the modern generation does not know its benefits and ignores it without asking their doctors. They start to feed their babies using feeders. Here the question arises, is the feeder safe for newborns? In this article, you will read the answers to this question according to medical concepts.

Disadvantages of Using Feeders

According to children specialists, there are the following disadvantages of using feeders for newborns.

· Chances of Infections

The feeder bottles stay in contact with open air. There are chances of sticking bacteria and other harmful microbes to feeders. These toxic small living creatures can damage the health of a baby.

· Lack of Natural Milk

People use feeders for artificial milk. According to researchers, natural milk has more and more nutrients than artificial milk. A mother who does not believe in breastfeeding should read the advantages of mother milk for newborns.

· Diarrhea

Germs from the open air can stick to the feeders and move to your baby’s stomach. They can cause Diarrhea and other health issues that can be alarming for your baby.

· Bad-quality Bottles

The quality of milk bottles can affect your baby’s health. If you buy it from a sub-standard shop, you will definitely face some health issues in your baby. So, be choosy when you purchase feeding bottles for your newborns.

· Chances of Gas Trouble

When you shake the feeder while making artificial milk for a baby, the air produces gas bubbles in the milk. These bubbles can cause gas trouble in your baby’s tummy.

Using Feeders Occasionally

Doctors say that you can only use feeding bottles for newborns occasionally. It helps them to understand how to drink milk from bottles. When you breastfeed your baby, you can use a feeding bottle. But be careful before giving milk to your baby in a feeder.

· Precautions to Use Feeders

If bottle feeding is a demand of time, you should focus on some precautions to make no compromise on your baby’s health.

· Proper Washing

Before making milk in a feeding bottle, wash it properly to free it from all microbes. This step will decrease the possibility of the baby’s health issues.

· Changing After a Few Months

Do not use a feeder for more than 4 or 6 months. Manufacturers make it with plastic that is not biodegradable material. Also, the specialist warned us not to refill the plastic bottles because they can drain some chemicals into the milk.

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