5 Skills Your Kids Should Learn in The Tech World

5 Skills Your Kids Should Learn in The Tech World

Technology is advancing every day, and every minute the world edges closer to being fully tech. Innovations in all fields, including economics, mean that orienting the younger generation into tech is necessary.

There are various subjects your kid can explore in the tech world. These fields range from mobile development to the Internet of Things (IoT). Below are the top five skills your kid should consider when delving into the tech scene.

1.  Mobile Development

There are 3.5 billion smartphone users in the world. These numbers are not declining as new smartphone technologies have rendered these gadgets affordable. These statistics indicate the need for sufficient mobile applications to serve the demand, making mobile development necessary to explore.

Mobile Development

Mobile development involves designing and creating mobile and web applications to run on Operating Systems and browsers. The two major Operating Systems are Android maintained by Google and IOS supported by Apple. To build apps that’ll run on these Operating Systems, your child should learn the respective technology stacks. For instance, to build Android apps, knowledge in Kotlin or Flutter, Firebase, and MySQL is necessary. On the other hand, to build IOS applications, your child has to verse themselves with Swift and Database Management knowledge.

To build web apps that’ll run in browsers, your child should learn the HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Javascript frameworks fundamentals. Mastering these tech stacks will help them learn how to build websites and progressive web apps.

2.  Cloud Computing

Database management migrating to the cloud influenced a lot of changes in the tech world. This innovation changed how data is stored, saving a lot of resources in the long-run. Most adults know one or two about cloud computing and how data gets stored and fetched from the cloud. This knowledge stems from the adoption of this tech stack in most companies today, meaning it’s here to stay.

Given that most corporations are moving to the cloud, it is apparent that this tech field is necessary for your child to explore. Understanding even the basics of cloud computing will come a long way for your child.

3.  Robotics

With artificial intelligence taking the forefront of paradigm disruption, it’s only reasonable for your child to explore robotics. Robotics is an exciting field, especially if your child loves tech. This field involves robots who depend on spontaneous instructions generated from artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Robotics in tech world

In robotics, your child will learn how to design circuit boards and code AI languages into them for automation purposes. Some of the tech stacks your child will learn are algorithms, Python programming language, machine learning, robot-designing, and artificial intelligence.

Learning how to build automating gadgets at a young age puts your kid in a better position to explore the growing self-drive automotive industry.

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4.  Data Science

Data is growing with population growth; therefore, analyzing it has been essential in recent years. The creation of algorithms for analyzing data led to the emergence of data science and data analytics. These two fields provide solutions on how to fetch, research, and store data.

Data science involves the extraction of meaningful analytics on data. If your child loves mathematics, this field might suit them as it involves mathematic, information science, and computer programming.

Besides, with companies utilizing existing algorithms to analyze data, your child picking up on this field at an early stage will give them a competitive advantage in the future.

5.  Programming

At the very basic, the tech world is run by programming gurus and tech wizards who provide game-changing solutions to modern-day problems. Learning programming puts your kid in a better position in exploiting the techy future. There are different programming fields to explore. These fields include mobile development, web development, machine learning, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence.

Programming kids

Your child will master these fields by learning their respective languages. However, your child needs to pick a programming language, learn the fundamentals, and explore before deciding what area to explore. Doing so is easy as modern programming languages follow almost the same programming concepts, such as object-oriented programming.


The tech fields above are the future of the tech world. Early inception guarantees your kid with a competitive advantage in the tech world, which promises to be all techy.



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