Things to Do Before Launching Your WordPress Site

Things to Do Before Launching Your WordPress Site

So you think your business needs an online presence. Well, it’s a great step towards your learning growth. A website is a perfect medium to boost your online presence. It increases your engagement, revenue, and overall work performance. Each day, thousands of websites are launched every day. The basic idea is to rank your website in front of your competition. So you are competing with a whole new universe. If you want your website to stand out in this competition, you should focus right from the start.

In this post, we’ve provided a checklist that you can follow before launching your WordPress site.

Install a WordPress Backup

A back is essential for any type of business. Backups are like insurance for your business. The internet world is full of hackers. It’s common if your website got attack by hackers or you mistakenly do something wrong.

A WordPress Themes backup will help you in the hour of need. The most WordPress hosting provider takes backups on a weekly scale. You can change this with your own custom settings.

Secure WordPress Admin Area

Most people get access to your website via the admin panel. Always use a complicated username and password for your WordPress site. Also, make sure that they are saved on your local drive.

You can also install security plugins to hide your WordPress admin panel.

Check for 404 Error Page

If you have an error page on your brand new website, it doesn’t look good to the audience and to the Google Search ranking factors. You should always look for 404 error pages on your website and correct them properly. One best technique is to add your website to Google Webmaster Tools. The google crawler provides a detailed report of your website errors. You can also manually browse your website pages to check for error messages.

Setup Email on Your Website

Many people make mistake and don’t set up email on their website. An email is a great way to engage with your audience. Emails are also used on your website Contact Us page, which is also mandatory for Search Ranking.

Check Media of Your Website

A website is not just a combination of content, it contains visual content as well. Check for Images and videos on your website. Optimize them according to your website size and interaction. Manually check all images on your website. Play the embedded videos on your website using different screens and browsers.

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Integrate Social Media Buttons

If you don’t have social buttons on your WordPress site, you’re losing a lot of audiences. Social media plays an important role if you’re launching a new website. Google takes some time to rank your articles, but on social media, you can get traffic right from the start. Make sure your website is connected with all the famous social media sites that include YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

Performance Test

Last but not the least, check your website for every performance factor. Performance-related issues are very common when you are launching a new brand. Test your website speed using Google Page speed Tool. Check your website Cache, server response, image, crawler, and other SEO factors. Most plugins are Job Board Themes that come with pre-build optimization features. But it is preferred that you manually do this task.


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