6 Common Logo Design Mistakes to Avoid

logo design

Undeniably, a logo is the first thing which people will observe of your company, and as we all know that the first impression is the last. You need to make it unique and impressive. It’s the most crucial factor of your brand that makes it out of the crowd and gets noticed. It’s true that whether you’re an expert or just a beginner, designing a logo isn’t easy. Designing an alluring logo design is a challenging task, you must present something extraordinary and showcase your creativity. Therefore, making mistakes can’t be tolerated in any situation. A single mistake can ruin the whole design of your logo.

The core purpose of the logo is to represent the company uniquely, convey an important message. Your business logo design must be timeless, versatile, memorable, and distinguishable from the others. So, you should not compromise with the custom logo design at any cost, and designers should not make any mistakes while designing. A single mistake can cost your brand a lot. Hence, let’s see what kind of mistakes should not be repeated.

01. The color clash


The predominant factor of the whole design, it gives your logo a true look. But the thing is that you need to use it wisely, otherwise it can ruin the whole design.

The more color you use, it becomes difficult to maintain it all together. Having a balance between colors is vital, you must have a great sense of selecting a color that few people may have. And due to that, they are making big mistakes. Although they have a good idea of design and made a really amazing design, the color in it makes its poor design.

Hence, try to include a few colors or else select only those which give the best combination ever.

02. Isn’t flexible enough

Your logo should not be less flexible to accept the changes that time demands. Nothing is permanent, your custom logo design also needs to be modified after some time.

A successful logo is something that can give an alluring look in any size, shape, and color. It demands some changes to keep moving with time, and active in the competition. And we may forget to consider this essential point while designing a logo. Thus, try to make your logo that suits every condition with any design elements and even in the printed and digital media as well.

Even if hundreds of new logo designs will enter the market, something that’ll never go out of style is none other than the circle logo. A round logo design reflects eternity, just like the sun and the moon. You can frame your brand’s message by fine-tuning colors, graphics, or typography easily within a circle. The message to be passed will be powerful and enhanced. As circles tend to attract attention, it also provides emphasis & brilliantly sets things apart. Regardless of your niche, need or design requirement, the circular logos will accommodate it smoothly.

03. Inappropriate font pairing


The selection of fonts is always a point of discussion for the designers. You may need a single font or multiple fonts in your business logo design. Generally, there are primary and secondary two types of fonts designers may include in the logo design. A brand’s name is written with the primary font and a tagline or anything about the company would be from the secondary font.

The point to keep in mind is that they both must be suitable by placing adjacent to each other. A mismatched font doesn’t attract people. So, choose the font wisely which holds the value of your brand and custom logo design.

04. A lack of research

Well, this must be your first priority before you start designing. It’s the most basic and required step to design an attractive business logo design. Without research how can you understand the current trend or what your competitors are doing?

However, many designers don’t consider it or don’t give it more value. They just start the design without knowing what the latest in the market and what can be presented which nobody has ever done. Without having much knowledge you may result in poor design and it’s completely a waste of time and money.

So, make sure that you study the market, what trend people are following, and what makes you out of the crowd and get noticed.

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05. Driven by trends

logo design trend

Trends are temporary and your logo must be timeless. So strictly following a trend won’t give you long-term results. No doubt, it’s a great option if you want your logo for a shorter time, but the fact is that brands don’t want to invest again and again for the logo, and they are also not started for the short term.

A timeless logo never designs with the trend, it has its own unique look which separates them from the other. Own creativity and imagination need to be portrayed for a timeless design.

06. Not distinctive enough

The primary purpose of the logo design is to get a unique identity among other companies. And if you’re unable to design it distinguishable then there is no use of it.

You don’t want to make confusion among customers about your logo and other closet competitors. It’s highly necessary to look for a business logo design similar to yours in the market before using it as an identity of your brand. However, it’s also true that it isn’t possible to compare your logo with millions of other logos across the globe.


All in all, everyone has accepted that logo design is the salient part of the whole company and they are using it for online and offline marketing primarily. So, it must be extraordinary and unique from the other. A single mistake can ruin the whole design so designers should not make any mistakes. The above-mentioned are the common and mostly seen mistakes in any design, so make sure that you won’t repeat them.



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