11 Maintenance and Design Tips for Kitchen Lovers

design tips for kitchen lovers

Decided to create a new kitchen design and don’t know where to start? Have you looked through a lot of photos on the Internet, but still have no ideas? It is not a surprise, since decor manufacturers and designers offer such a huge selection! However, there can only be one kitchen – the one that suits your personal needs and preferences in every way. But, after you decide on the design, you’ll need to know how to maintain it properly, so it stays perfect for a long time.  Let us help you out!

Design tips

Kitchen layout

Before considering the different decorative elements that the future kitchen design should contain, think about exactly how you would like to use it. Isn’t there something that you lacked in the old kitchen design? Maybe you want to watch your favorite TV show while cooking? Is there a need for additional space for a children’s table? Or maybe the cooking area and the dining room should be separated by a bar counter? Or find a place for a new dishwasher/microwave/gas water heater?

Arm yourself with a ruler, pencil, and paper sheet to develop a detailed kitchen plan and not miss a single significant detail. 

After you have plotted the perimeter of the room on paper, start drawing up a kitchen plan in the following order:

  1. Indicate the doors and the direction in which they open, as well as the size and location of the windows.
  1. Set the position for large technical devices, plumbing fixtures, lamps, and cabinets (in that order).

At the same time, think about ergonomics: the kitchen should provide maximum comfort and efficiency. 

  1. Mark the surfaces that will occupy the countertops. Remember that they must be set according to your height. 
  1. If the kitchen area is large enough, then consider creating an “island”. The distance between the island and the rest of the kitchen should be approximately 1 m.
  1. If you are not installing the sink on an “island,” another best location for it is near the window. After that – against the wall, but just avoid placing cabinets above it! Consider whether you need a single or double sink, stainless steel, or ceramic. 
  1. Place the dishwasher next to the sink and cupboard.
  1. If possible, install the slab against an external wall to facilitate the installation of the hood, which should be 53-76 cm above the surface of the slab.
  1. Consider the need to create a gap for opening the doors of various appliances, especially large industrial models.

How to maintain the kitchen?

1. How to clean glossy facades and shelves. 

You can clean glossy furniture with a soft cloth, previously moistened with a mixture of water and alcohol. Never use harsh sponges or abrasive chemicals. They can damage the surface.

2. Taking proper care of marble surfaces 

Materials such as granite and marble are “alive”. They tend to absorb liquid and in large quantities. Worktops made from these materials should be periodically applied with an aqueous solution of denatured alcohol or water repellent. Wipe marble or granite with a soft cloth only.

3. Cleaning matt surfaces 

Matt artificial stone surfaces can be cleaned with mild abrasives. If an aggressive chemical agent comes into contact with the artificial stone, it must be immediately removed with a large amount of water. 

4. Taking care of glass furniture

Glass countertops require special care. Despite the fact that manufacturers guarantee the reliability of the material, special attention should be paid to the technique of cleaning such surfaces. Do not put pressure on the glass or damage it mechanically. This surface can be cleaned with a soft cloth or sponge dampened with a glass cleaner.

5. Putting stainless steel kitchen furniture in order

To care for such surfaces, it is enough to use water-repellent chemicals. It is best to use a flannel rag and mild detergent when wiping down a steel countertop or cabinet. The use of a water repellent is very important, as it will save you from further problems with the furniture and will increase the life of the surfaces.

6. What is metal furniture afraid of?

Metal surfaces are especially sensitive to detergents containing abrasive substances. Chemicals that have properties that can activate the corrosion process are also dangerous. Metal cabinets should not be washed with hard sponges. The metal surface will become shiny when wiped with a soft, dry cloth.

7. How not to ruin a wooden kitchen

Material such as wood is susceptible to moisture and large quantities of liquids. Therefore, when caring for wood furniture, use a slightly damp, soft cloth. After damp cleaning, be sure to wipe down the cabinet or countertop with a dry cloth.

8. Do not forget to close the oven 

After cooking, many people forget to close the oven in time. At first glance, there is nothing dangerous in this. However, the heat emitted from the oven can damage other elements of the kitchen next to it.

An oven can be of the most dangerous parts of the kitchen. You must reach for an oven repair specialist as soon as you notice some malfunctions if you want to keep your kitchen. 

9. Do not overload drawers 

Take care not only of cleanliness but also of the stress that your lockers are experiencing. It is recommended to place heavy products or things closer to the supports. Put no more than ten kilograms on ordinary shelves. Metal cabinets can withstand up to 30 kg.

10. Do not cut food on the table-top 

Do not cut bread or meat directly on the table. Use special cutting boards for this. This will eliminate the appearance of scratches on the surface.

11. Cook only in a well-ventilated area

Experts say that cooking in a cool kitchen will only be beneficial. Firstly, the grease will not stick onto the surfaces. Secondly, excess heat will not harm the furniture. The optimum temperature is from +18 to +25. 


We hope our tips will help you not only create the ideal kitchen design for your needs but also maintain it. With the help of these tips, your whole family will be able to enjoy the delicious meals prepared in the perfect kitchen for a long time.


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