Follow These Tips To Make Your Living Room Look Expensive

Living Room

Unless you have professional interior designers beside you to navigate through the most affordable resources to decorate your home, furnishing the living room can become expensive quickly. Renovating a magazine-worthy living room costs a considerable sum of resources and money. Mirrors, furnishings, furniture, rugs, and fabrics add it all up, causing severe damage to your bank account. Fortunately, there are few things that you may implement to achieve the ultra-luxury and modern look without a burning hole in your pocket. Below are some foolproof tricks that allow you to convert your living room into an expensive area of your house like you have shelled out big bucks, without breaking your account.

Hanging Curtains Up HigherCurtains in living room

Your living room may not have the high rise modern false ceiling designs and expensive windows like luxurious homes, but you can still replicate it with few tricks. Implement some visual skills by hanging the hardware and drapery up high, as close as possible to the ceiling. This trick will help draw eyes upward and also make the room look taller than the actual height.

Pare-Down All the Belongings 

Messy and cluttered living room always looks unsophisticated. But interiors that are curated masterly look chic and Zen. So, pare-down all accessories and belongings from the tabletops, bookshelves, and vignettes and keep a few beloved pieces to give the room a more expensive appearance. But, if you don’t want to remove your collectibles and collections from the living room, you may store only the favorite collections and ensure that they rotate in and out occasionally.

Decorative Molding

Decorative molding helps you to give your ordinary room a modern and expensive look without spending a fortune. Plus, with little time and DIY skills, you can do it yourself during weekends without the help of professionals. However, hiring professionals for the job is not very expensive indeed. To give it an elegant and sophisticated look, ensure to paint the molding with the same color as the interior walls.

Mixing up the Texturesmodern Living Room

Using 2-3 similar textures across the living room is guaranteed to appear dull and flat. Instead, homeowners must prefer mixing different textures in decorative pillows, upholstery, throws, drapery, and more for a dynamic and expensive look in the living room. You may also prefer using pillows of different sizes to achieve a dimensional look in your living room.

Exhibit Large Scale Art

Whether original or printed, the large scale artwork has the magic to give any interior a stylish and designer look. Unless you are an artist, photography is the ultimate bet for economic artwork in your living room. You may integrate artwork of 24”×36” or larger to deliver a more significant impact in the room. You may also hang something for polished effect and ensure leaning them for a laid-back vibe.

Use Curvy Shapes in Furniture    

Living rooms where all lines are clean and straight will surely look flat and dull. So, to add some interest and depth into the room, you must use some curvy furniture. You may include a variety of shapes. But, if you want to make the room look expensive, ensure to add curvy items and furnishings. Anything from furniture to lamps, mirrors to other accessories, the list can go on.

Adding Metallic Items in Living Room

With few metallic surfaces or items around your living room, you can add a luxury touch. But, ensure that you never overdo it. Even with a simple gold leave mirror, a few pieces of vintage silver and brass table, you can help the room look luxurious and expensive. It is fine to choose something small as you only need little to get something big.

Showcase Fresh Flowersflower in modern Living Room

You don’t have to hire any celebrity florists to achieve the photo-shoot worthy look and appeal in your living room. With a simple grocery store bouquet, you can offer your living room with ultra sophistication while creating a welcoming and warm aura. You may disperse few small arrangements and each with a single stem and ensure to arrange them across the room to achieve an elevated and modern look.

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So, these were some of the tricks that can help your living room to have an expensive look without burning hole in your pocket. But, decorating Vastu compliant home is necessary to sustain the positive vibes and energies across the home.

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