Magnify Your Business and Surge the Revenue With Meesho Like Clone Apps

Meesho clone apps

The Meesho clone app has been ruling the e-commerce industry. People are turning their heads to social e-commerce app like Meesho, as it is a buying cum reselling app.

The Meesho app development is devised based on a strategy of providing reselling revenues to the users. In this blog, you’ll have cognizance of developing the Meesho clone app.

How Does Reselling in a Meesho Clone App Actually Work?

The reseller can purchase products from the sellers or the wholesalers and, in turn, resell them to others. Here, the reseller can share the images of the product along with the description of the product and share the same with friends/families via social media apps like WhatsApp or Facebook.

The user can resell the products without any investments. Meesho clone app is purely developed to provide revenue to the users through reselling.

Features that highlight Meesho clone app from other apps

Product reselling- In the Meesho clone app, the user/reseller can purchase products that are listed on the website. In turn, the user can resell the purchased products to friends/families by sharing the image and description of the product via social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram. Doesn’t this seem pretty cool? Yes, it does.

E-catalog- The app allows users to choose the desired product by checking the catalog for product availability and price.

Product listing- The user can view the product details such as image and description, and also compare price.

Chat integration- The app has an inbuilt chat app, through which users can communicate to the sellers and have a seamless buying experience.

Deals and offers- On a regular basis, users can avail of discounts and exciting deals on selected products, making the app even more attractive.

Multi-payment options- The app allows users to make payments via multiple options like debit/credit cards, net banking, or even COD.

Knowledge base- The app has an inbuilt knowledge base, where a list of product-related articles and FAQs are available. The users can access the information in case of any clarifications.

Inbuilt Analytics- The application has an inbuilt analytics management system, using which the admin can monitor the performance of the app and optimize its performance accordingly.

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Business Flowchart of Meesho Clone app

  • The supplier will host the products on the Meesho clone app along with the product description and images.
  • The buyer can search for the desired products from the product catalog and make purchases. The user can also resell the product by sharing the products with friends/family members via social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, or even Instagram.
  • If friends/family members like the product and decide to make a purchase, then the user has to enter the shipping details.
  • Then, the supplier will receive the request and grant the confirmation for the order.
  • Once the admin confirms the purchase, the user receives the reselling commission and the amount will be transferred to the user’s bank account.
  • Post the order confirmation, the user will receive order-tracking details through which the user can locate the order.

The Seller Panel

The seller/supplier has a dashboard through which the orders are captured and processed from the admin.

Profile registration- The seller has to register with the app by providing the necessary details like name, email address, and contact details. Post-registration, the admin will verify and confirm the seller details.

Inventory setup- The seller has to list out the products available in the inventory management system. It is also called the “Stock Keeping Unit.”

Add bank details- The seller has to provide the bank account details, including account name, bank name, and can also edit the details in the future.

Analytics reporter- The app has an inbuilt analytics reporter, through which the seller can track the movement of products from the inventory.

The Admin Panel

The admin has full control over the app’s behavior. The admin tracks the seller and buyer activities, including transactions.

Manage seller account- The admin will keep track of the seller activities. If the seller surpasses the app policy, then the admin can debar the particular seller from using the app.

EMI facility- The admin can provide EMI options for the seller and also allow the users/buyers to make payments in installments.

Analytics tool- The admin can keep track of the app’s performance and optimize it using the analytics tool. In case of any failure in transactions, the admin will sort it out.

Customer Support- The admin is responsible for providing support to the customers and resolving the queries via the integrated chat.

If you are looking to adopt this Meesho clone app, you have plenty of opportunities to amplify your business revenue. It includes:

Revenue through commission- For say, if the buyer makes a purchase from the app, you will get payment in the form of commission from the seller.

Revenue through shipping charges- When the buyer makes the payment for the product, an additional shipping fee will be imposed. You can gain revenue through the shipping charges collected from the buyers.

Revenue through Ads- You can display ads for the seller products. By doing so, you can gain commission for displaying those ads, and also the seller will have exposure to their products.


All these features are implemented with the white-label and highly customizable Meesho clone, where you own the complete proprietorship. Hope this blog is highly informative to spread your business verticals in social e-commerce apps like Meesho.


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